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No-code Content Platform Launches Personal Engagement Analytics

Enterprise business teams now have fine-grained security control and detailed engagement data for everything they publish online.

Brandcast, the first no-code content platform for enterprise, is proud to release Personal Engagement Analytics, a new platform feature that raises the standard for creating, delivering, and tracking personalized digital experiences. With Brandcast, enterprise business teams now have fine-grained security control and detailed engagement data for everything they publish online.

In the wake of the pandemic, digital transformation is accelerating. Faced with immediate urgency, global companies are reimagining how they engage with their customers by turning content into interactive digital experiences. Leading customer-facing teams—from sales and marketing to services and customer success—are leveraging digital personalization to build lasting business relationships.

“At Brandcast, we’re helping companies build personalized digital experiences for every step of the customer journey,” said Conor Egan, Brandcast’s Chief Product Officer. “Our newest feature lets you securely share personalized content and gives you relevant, individual insights into how each prospect, customer, or client is interacting with your content.”

Unlike Google Analytics, which aggregates general user data, Brandcast Personal Engagement Analytics focuses on individual interactions with secure business content.

Key Features:

  • Build secure and uniquely styled registration portals
  • Control who views your content by granting access based on email domain and individual email addresses
  • Gain insights into individual visitor engagement

“Digital experiences are most useful when they’re backed by granular, personal data,” said Conor Egan. “Knowing exactly who’s interacting with your content gives you the power to take the right actions and develop your business.”

As data becomes more protected, and cookies become less used, it’s important to have genuine ways to speak to select audiences and gain individual insights. This is especially true for service and solution providers for high-consideration purchases who must make personal connections through digital means.

“We believe that enterprise digital experiences should be easily shared, but because this information is sensitive, there needs to be an easy way to restrict and allow access,” said Conor Egan. “That’s why we’ve created a feature that includes simple email authentication. Passwords aren’t required, just email, and you’re able to restrict access for individual users as well as an entire email domain.”

Personalized digital experiences are the glue that brings the entire customer journey together. By empowering non-technical business teams to create, securely share, and analyze digital engagements with their customers, Brandcast is fueling a new wave of customer relationships.

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