NRC Health offers first-of-its-kind patient experience EHR integration

MyView enhances care team workflow with contextual patient data for improved outcomes

NRC Health, the recognized leader and partner in patient experience improvement, is the first in the industry to seamlessly integrate patient-specific experience insights directly into the EHR to support care teams in understanding the unique and individual needs of the patients they serve.

NRC Health’s Human Understanding® Program allows each patient to share what matters most, before, during, and after their healthcare interactionsThe addition of MyView™ ensures the most important patient information is integrated into an existing EHR, with no clicks required. This summary, available now for most NRC Health Experience partners, is a part of the existing clinical workflow and takes only 15 seconds to review, empowering healthcare providers to quickly understand what matters most to their patients to build trust and stronger connections.

“NRC Health believes the future of healthcare is about personalized experiences,” said Jon Tanner, Human Understanding Program Director at NRC Health. “Historically, patient experience data has only been utilized to drive reactive process improvement cycles. Health systems utilizing MyView take a massive step forward by empowering care team members to proactively utilize patient feedback, to humanize key interactions.”

The information displayed in MyView can be collected from patient-generated contexts, discharge calls, and even patient experience surveys. When delivered to frontline care teams, these insights allow every care team member to understand their patients’ preferences and expectations, identify any risks for continuing care, and deliver a more personal care experience.

“MyView is a powerful tool for improving the experience and delivery of care,” said Dr. Gregory Makoul, Chief Transformation Officer at NRC Health. “Understanding what matters to each patient as a unique person helps focus attention and communication, making it easier for care teams to do better without taking longer – it’s all about being more effective.”

Most NRC Health Experience partners have the ability to opt-in to MyView capabilities as a part of their existing relationship.

Deepen the understanding

MyView is enhanced with a deeper level of understanding when paired with MyStory™.

MyStory is NRC Health’s solution for capturing patient-generated contextual data, based on capabilities and communication science developed by Patient Wisdom, which NRC Health acquired in 2021.

Patients share what matters most to them through appointment reminders, e-check-ins, patient portals, and other engagement opportunities. Their preferences, challenges, goals, and expectations are automatically summarized through MyView and integrated seamlessly into the EHR providing a more comprehensive picture of a patient’s health and well-being.

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