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Nuspire adds Dark Web Monitoring Integration to its solutions

Nuspire’s Dark Web Monitoring service bridges the gap between internal vigilance and external cyber defense

Nuspire, a leading managed security services provider (MSSP), today announced that it has added Dark Web Monitoring to its portfolio of services and solutions. By integrating Dark Web Monitoring with Nuspire’s detection and response services, the new offering fortifies the existing managed security suite with a dual-layered defense strategy, effectively safeguarding client environments against both external intrusions and internal vulnerabilities.

Dark web intelligence is crucial for organizations aiming to detect and anticipate cybersecurity threats at their inception. This early detection is vital, as it occurs when threat actors are in the planning stages of their attacks. However, translating this raw intelligence into actionable strategies can be challenging because security teams often face hurdles such as a lack of context, time constraints and limited resources.

Nuspire’s Dark Web Monitoring service addresses these challenges by providing cybersecurity teams with actionable intelligence, enhancing both internal and external threat detection capabilities. This service not only identifies potential cyberattacks originating from the dark web, but also offers contextual analysis and recommended mitigation strategies.

The service works by scouring dark web marketplaces, forums, select threat actor communication channels, ransomware blackmail sites, credential exposure points and pastebins to locate compromised data from your organization. Dark Web Monitoring can integrate with any of Nuspire’s managed security services or can be used as a stand-alone service, and provides:

  • Continuous Dark Web Monitoring: Includes constant surveillance of the dark web to identify emerging threats.
  • Brand and Typo Squatting Monitoring: Continuously scans the internet for instances of brand impersonation and fraud intended to exploit customers, steal sensitive information or distribute malware. Includes option to add takedown services.
  • Data Breach Alert System: Promptly notifies organizations when their data is discovered on the dark web, enabling them to respond rapidly to potential security breaches.
  • Threat Analysis Reporting: Detailed reports offer insights into the nature and potential impact of threats detected on the dark web.
  • Customized Threat Intelligence: Provides threat intelligence specifically tailored to each organization’s unique needs.
  • Expert Alert Review: Cybersecurity experts analyze alerts to ensure they are accurate and relevant, helping to filter out false positives so organizations can focus on genuine threats.
  • Combine with Detection & Response Services: Nuspire experts handle the investigation and remediation directly in a client’s environment.

“Uncovering potential dark web threats to your organization is crucial, however it’s how you act on that early intelligence that truly counts,” stated Lewie Dunsworth, CEO of Nuspire. “Our Dark Web Monitoring service goes beyond merely identifying these threats; it offers the expert guidance needed to comprehend and execute the essential steps to reduce risk. When integrated with Nuspire’s detection and response services, Dark Web Monitoring not only significantly bolsters defenses against both external and internal threats, but also empowers our team to actively mitigate those threats directly within client environments.”

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