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Observable Introduces Data Visualization Stack for the Enterprise

Improved Security, Access Control and Expanded Customer Support Make Life Easier for Enterprise Data Teams and Business Collaborators

Observable, the collaborative data visualization company, today announced a new Enterprise tier that offers enterprise-focused features including advanced security with authentication and dedicated customer support. Observable empowers people to explore, collaborate, and communicate data insights through a single canvas. It offers web-based, real-time collaboration that helps organizations make better data-driven business decisions faster.

Observable offers a wide variety of features that enable teams to work with their data in ways that were previously impossible, including:

  • Being web-based so there is no setup cost for users. They can simply open a browser, go to the URL and start working immediately instead of having to download, configure, or even build tools from scratch that can’t be shared.
  • Real-time collaboration and click-to-open cells provide transparency of data and logic to teams and decision-makers, and enable immediate understanding.
  • Interactive dashboards to iterate faster and gain insights throughout the organization.
  • Direct access to private and secure databases enabling robust data analysis, discovery, and visualization of business intelligence in firewalled environments.
  • Ability to provide background and rationale along with the dashboards and graphs, in one place, making it easier to share and consume business insights by the entire organization.

With Observable Enterprise, Organizations Gain Access To

  • Advanced security for team members to authenticate against specific domains to gain access to the company’s content, and controls to keep it private on the Observable platform.
  • Dedicated support in the form of a dedicated customer success manager, priority email support, onboarding resources, annual training sessions and early access to new product features.

Customized Offerings For Everyone

Observable is different because it enables users to perform exploratory analysis and build custom dashboards with the help of an engaged, global community of developers, data scientists, journalists, educators and students who publicly iterate and share their work on a daily basis. Currently, there are three different Observable tiers available:

  • Observable Free empowers individual creators who are just starting out. It offers unlimited notebooks, unlimited publishing and up to five creators or collaborators per notebook. This tier is free for everyone.
  • Observable Teams enables companies to explore and collaborate in private on their data. It includes unlimited collaborators per notebook with creators starting at $12 monthly; all other users are free.
  • Observable Enterprise serves larger companies with evolved needs including advanced security and authentication, dedicated onboarding and support for $40 monthly per creator with a 25 creator minimum.

“The current business intelligence tools are siloed and limit collaboration across organizations. These tools restrict the data exploration and insight, creating friction and frustration between colleagues. Making sense of data is one of the most urgent challenges facing our connected world,” said Melody Meckfessel, chief executive officer and co-founder. “Observable Enterprise offers web-based, real-time collaborative business intelligence. Working with data is an essential skill. Observable Enterprise enables people of diverse roles (developers, analysts, executives, stakeholders) to explore and visualize data and then make data-driven decisions together that benefit the business.”

Stitch Fix And Observable Knit APIs Into Beautiful Views

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service that fuses the human touch of expert stylists with the precision of advanced data science and algorithms to recommend items of clothing tailored to an individual’s unique fit, size, budget and style. Stitch Fix’s well-respected Data Platform team started using Observable to enable exploration of data across the many endpoints in the company’s service-based enterprise platforms.

Stitch Fix has hundreds of internal data sources and algorithms for styling, operations, merchandising, inventory management, allocation, and warehouse optimization. Data is foundational to the company, driving decisions and actions across departments.

“With a number of our Stitch Fix data team members collaborating daily on a wide variety of notebooks, our partnership with Observable is now an important part of our enterprise stack,” said Tarek Rached, director of Algo UI at Stitch Fix. “The low-friction nature of Observable doesn’t just empower collaborative decision-making across teams, it also empowers data scientists at Stitch Fix to have more autonomy because they can tweak and visualize data and share their findings much faster, with no hardware or software concerns.”

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