One AI, an NLP-as-a-service startup launches officially

One AI, Language AI startup, will enable seamless integration into developer workflows with use-case ready API

One AI, an NLP-as-a-service startup, empowering developers to embed Language AI in their products, officially launched today. One AI has raised $8M in seed funding from leading angel investors and VCs, including Ariel Maislos, Tech Aviv, Tomer Wiengarten, CEO of Sentinel One.

One AI allows developers to seamlessly embed language comprehension into their projects, transforming texts from any source into structured data, with no training data or machine learning knowledge required. To deliver accuracy, predictability and fast time-to-value for concrete product tasks, One AI’s Language Skills combine curated and optimized open-source models with models designed by their research team.

One AI was founded by serial entrepreneurs and executives. Amit Ben and Aviv Dror, who previously co-founded NanoRep, later sold to LogMeIn (LOGM). Yochai Levi, who has filled executive positions at companies such as WeWork, LivePerson, and Conduit, and Asi Sheffer, who bridges the gap between industry and academia with his past experience in companies like IBM and LogMeIn.

“The generation of unstructured data is increasing at unprecedented rates, and the inability to understand it results in negative outcomes that include everything from lost sales, to lower levels of user engagement and loyalty, to reputation damage.” says Amit Ben, Founder & CEO at One AI. “The adoption of language comprehension tools by the broader developer community is the way to overcome it.”

“Language is the most valuable untapped resource, beyond the reach of most products and companies. This is true to most industries and domains and results in negative outcomes that include everything from lost sales, to lower levels of user engagement and loyalty, to reputation damage.” says Yaron Samid, Founder and Managing Partner of TechAviv. “Unleashing Language AI allows us to harness the power of this unstructured data and turn it into useful information and insights.”

One AI’s Language Skills API packages NLP models, trained for concrete business use-cases. Language Skills support input in various formats (text, audio, JSON, video..). Developers can mix-and-match Skills in a single pipeline using One AI’s Language Studio – a no-code visual interface – to process texts in a single API call, and can also include O/S and their own models.

Skills include:

  • Conversation summarization
  • Article summarization
  • Action item detection
  • Sale insights (buyer, timing, needs, …)
  • Numbers extraction (quantities, dates, times, pricing…)
  • Names (people, places, products, organizations…)
  • Topic detection
  • Proof-reading (transcriptions, synthetic text)
  • Emotion & sentiment extraction
  • Clustering & Text Analytics
  • Split by topic
  • And more

Visit our website and Language Studio to learn more and help making human-level Language AI an integral part of everyday-life

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