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One Health Direct Launches Genesis

A proprietary operational system, designed to maximize efficiency and efficacy for prescribing physicians, provides a simplified process allowing patients to more easily receive innovative treatment options for various chronic health conditions.

One Health Direct (OHD), a provider of innovative healthcare solutions, has launched a holistic operational system to help patients and healthcare professionals. The Genesis system efficiently navigates and streamlines various eligibility and reimbursement requirements needed to qualify for and receive treatment. Incorporating all required procedural components into a well-defined series of processes and protocols with multiple checks and balances aimed at maximizing efficacy and efficiency. From patient acquisition through product fulfillment, plus ongoing support, each aspect of the operational cycle is seamlessly integrated into the system.

“One Health Direct’s mission in building this system is to enable patients to receive better treatment solutions to effectively and efficiently manage chronic healthcare issues,” said Alois Rubenbauer, founder and CEO. “The goal of creating Genesis is to make the process simple, quick, and compliant for the prescribing physician and staff through automation. Our in-house technology team has accomplished just that and exceeded expectations with this launch.” As a direct-to-consumer healthcare marketing, engagement, and facilitation brand, One Health Direct equally prioritizes patients and prescribing practitioners. Utilizing software and technology allows OHD’s in-house teams of experts to serve both of these distinct audiences best.

Simplicity and ease for patients. Navigating the complexities of the healthcare system is often difficult, confusing, and stressful for patients. The numerous steps required to request and receive treatment options can become a barrier preventing patients from receiving proper healthcare. To help remedy this, One Health Direct provides a pathway to help facilitate their desired treatment with the intent of simplifying the process for patients. Friendly and knowledgeable patient advocates are trained to guide patients through the onboarding process, which includes initial eligibility checks, through product fulfillment and ongoing support. All facets of this simplified process follow distinct protocols and workflows, designed to consolidate requirements. Eliminating guesswork and minimizing requirements put upon patients creates an easy and quick process toward an ultimately positive experience.

One Health Direct’s Genesis system focuses on physicians. Current requirements for many treatment options place an unwarranted burden on physicians and their staff. The administrative workload to gather and submit documentation on behalf of patients can be substantial. As a result, clinicians are often unable to properly educate and assist patients due to capacity and bandwidth issues. To combat time constraints, One Health Direct’s system focuses on streamlining and absorbing various aspects of the education, qualification, administration, and fulfillment processes. Utilizing this HIPAA-compliant system, OHD’s in-house teams help healthcare professionals navigate and fulfill necessary requirements, for both the patient and their prescribing physician. The goal is to help patients receive their desired treatment option dispensed right to their homes while minimizing the numerous obstacles and efforts required of their physicians and staff. To assist with this, clinicians are provided with a dedicated Patient Care Coordinator, and patients are provided access to a patient onboarding service. These services are designed to maximize initial patient compliance, while access to OHD’s ongoing service and support teams ensures their patients maintain continued successful outcomes.

Employees are key. One Health Direct’s employees are motivated by a deep understanding of the complexities and frustrations of patients facing chronic illnesses. Over 250 professionals at OHD comprise a compassionate, educated, and experienced team focused on helping patients improve their quality of life. All OHD employees undergo extensive training with distinctly defined and dedicated roles within the organization. Each employee understands the importance of their specific role within the system and its impact on patient outcomes. “We emphasize the importance of an employee’s contribution and the impact they can have,” said Rubenbauer. “Our employees take pride in knowing that each day they are helping people better manage their condition through innovative treatment options and, ultimately, improving their quality of life.” OHD’s employees are dedicated to providing a professional and compassionate experience. Increasing successful patient outcomes, while reducing the frustrations and uncertainties healthcare professionals are often challenged with, is the focus of each team at One Health Direct.

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