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Ontrak Health launches the Ontrak Advanced Engagement System

Ontrak Health (NASDAQ: OTRK), a leading AI-powered and tech-enabled behavioral healthcare company, today announced the launch of its Ontrak Advanced Engagement System. This system integrates Augmented Intelligence (AI) with an evidence-based clinical framework to deliver human-centered, personalized member engagement.

Built on a foundation of real-world AI application, the Ontrak Advanced Engagement System enables member engagement at greater scale and with greater efficiency than ever before. The platform’s introduction marks a significant step forward in Ontrak’s commitment to technology-driven health solutions and builds on more than a decade of research and development.

Among other cutting-edge innovations, the Ontrak Advanced Engagement system employs a Risk-based analytics engine, which uses AI algorithms to identify members and prioritize outreach based on factors like risk, readiness, acuity, claims, prescriptions, and enrollment history. Our Risk-based analytics engine can find members with, for example, high-predicted probability of substance use disorder or depression, but no associated diagnosis in existing health records. This technology helps drive Ontrak’s impressive member outreach success of 54% across all lines of business, which Ontrak believes is more than double the industry standard.

Several other components of the Ontrak Advanced Engagement System continue to improve Ontrak’s industry-leading Care Coaching. Using natural-language processingAI-Driven Coach Notes converts spoken interaction into text, allowing for more productive care sessions aligned with evidence-based practice fidelity. It also drives greater efficiency, creating up to 20% more time for Care Coaches to prepare for and focus on serving more members.

The Care Signals Engine flags and facilitates timely and relevant care interventions. This is where past and current health and life experiences are highlighted. Our Care Signals indicate events that are important to a member such as new diagnosis, new medications, work stress and key factors that influence wellness. These signals provide the optimal framing for goal setting and coaching support.

In addition, the Next-Best Action Engine offers immediate, data-driven recommendations to optimize Care Coaching interactions. Ontrak expects the Next-Best Action Engine will significantly increase operational efficiency up to 25% or more of time saved organizing schedules and tasks across caseload, while ensuring that resources are prioritized where they’re needed most. In certain cases, the Next-Best Action Engine will trigger the built-in AI Virtual Assistant. This tool interacts with members and offers them an opportunity to engage with their healthcare teams thereby extending member reach. The AI assistant can grasp the nuances of a member’s feelings and sentiments and adjust the conversation to help close gaps in care.

To ensure that Ontrak Care Coaches align with best practices, the Ontrak Advanced Engagement System also includes AI-driven quality assessment and fidelity assessment tools. These technologies evaluate the delivery of evidence-based protocols. Care Coaches now get real-time skills-based training feedback into how well their interactions are serving members.

Beneath everything are next-generation AI-driven data management and analytics tools. For example, through a proprietary data infrastructure, the Data Exchange platform simplifies the process of managing electronic data interchange (EDI), while complying with federal requirements and best practices in the industry saving 80% in pipeline maintenance costs and delivered nearly 90% shorter turnaround times.

The platform also facilitates Provider Interoperability through HITECH certified industry standard frameworks. This creates a closed-loop, bi-directional data sharing ecosystem, seamlessly connecting providers, specialists, and Ontrak Care Coaches. Bi-directional data sharing has already shown to significantly improve patient adherence to treatment plans.

Taken together, AI-driven analytics facilitate a continuous improvement loop, ensuring member interactions remain firmly rooted in evidence-based practice. By integrating sophisticated AI, Ontrak is helping to ensure that every member interaction is an opportunity to deliver the highest quality care—along with the highest possible client ROI.

Finally, the Ontrak Advanced Engagement System helps connect members with the right providers through its proprietary Provider Matching Engine. This technology taps into Ontrak’s 45-state behavioral health network to select the most appropriate behavioral health provider for each member based on their needs. The Provider Matching Engine considers more than a dozen specialties and 30 sub-specialties, performance, and outcomes as well as mode of delivery, diversity, and demographics. Ontrak believes that more precise provider matching is what drives its remarkable clinical outcomes, demonstrated by greater than 50% clinically significant reduction in anxiety and depression symptoms for members in its WholeHealth+ program.

“This is innovation where it’s needed most,” said Brandon LaVerne, CEO of Ontrak Health. “We’re achieving unmatched scale and efficiency when it comes to member engagement. As a result, Care Coaches, health plans, and providers can gain a clear, comprehensive view of care activities, delivering measurable evidence of impact and outcomes.”

Ontrak Health recently published a white paper describing this technology in more detail. You can read the white paper at

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