Ophir Katzir is recognized by Continental Who’s Who

Ophir Katzir is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Distinguished Executive in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property, and in acknowledgment of his work at SENSEIP/Sybaris.

Ophir Kretzer-Katzir is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sybarip, recently renamed SENSEIP. He is a serial entrepreneur working to boost the effectiveness of intellectual property in business settings. When starting his business 2.5 years ago, Mr. Katzir wanted to help companies stop wasting their time and money on a broken system, and instead, switch to a business-driven, IP portfolio management platform.

Prior to founding his AI startup, Mr. Katzir studied Chemical Engineering at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, graduating in 1998. He then worked as the Team Lead and Project Manager, from 1998-2005, in the Israeli Intelligence Corps Unit 8200. In 2005, he began a role as the Director of Project Management at Varonis Systems, and was promoted to Head of IP from 2012-2019. Mr. Katzir pursued a new avenue of business in 2019 when he launched Sybaris/SENSEIP.

SENSEIP is the industry’s first AI-backed SaaS Platform. It is designed for managers to solve the problem of coordinating complex and fragmented global IP data. The company offers competition analysis, so that clients will always know what their competitors have invested in new IP. Mr. Katzir is able to determine the true value of a businesses’ IP strength, and decide which risk-protection measurements are best for each client. He enjoys providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing products are evaluated and protected.

Mr. Katzir is a professional member of the IPO and AIPA, and he is also a Licensed Patent Practitioner. He has received awards for his work, including Top CO of AI Companies in 2021, Tech Innovator in 2021 and the Technology Innovators Top 50 Artificial Intelligence CEOS of 2021. His technology at SENSEIP has been awarded the New World Report 2021 Award for Software and Technology and the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals.

In his spare time, Mr. Katzir volunteers as a firefighter in the Tenafly Fire Department. As he looks to the future, Mr. Katzir plans to create more high-value networking connections and continue to better himself by learning from others. His motto is, “Keep pushing.”

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