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OpsCruise Observability Platform Certified on Red Hat Openshift

OpsCruise, the leading provider of next-generation cloud application observability solutions, today announced that its Kubernetes and Cloud Service observability platform is certified to run on Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform. This further supports the company’s observability platform in enabling organizations with enhanced performance while optimizing use of resources and cost.

Red Hat OpenShift is a cloud-native application platform that can help enterprise organizations build a more stable, security-focused Kubernetes environment with extended security and development workflow capabilities.

With OpsCruise running on Red Hat OpenShift, organizations can gain deeper visibility into every layer of their Red Hat OpenShift environments in order to reduce troubleshooting time and more confidently resolve performance issues. OpsCruise is an open cloud-native observability platform that enables Ops and App teams to troubleshoot all of their application components in context with configurations, connections, metrics, logs, traces and changes.

Beyond traditional telemetry, OpsCruise adds a unique eBPF-based flow feature that builds real-time topology, and a novel TracePath technology that makes distributed tracing usable by infrastructure and operations teams. By bringing everything into one place, app teams do not have to swivel across multiple tools from CI/CD, Kubectl tools and monitoring tools to understand and analyze the state of their applications.

In addition, to address temporal blindspots such as those from auto-scaling, OpsCruise provides a time travel feature that retains snapshots of the past so DevOps can look back in time to visualize changes that are often the source of problems.

“Red Hat OpenShift is supported by a robust partner ecosystem, extending the power of cloud-native application development and open source innovation across the hybrid cloud. With the OpsCruise observability platform certified to run on Red Hat OpenShift, customers can experience added security capabilities to further bolster their Kubernetes workflows and achieve real business results,” said Mark Longwell, director, Hybrid Platforms Business Unit, Red Hat.

OpsCruise on Red Hat OpenShift can be installed on-premises and in the cloud with Azure Red Hat OpenShift or Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS. OpsCruise supports all of these options, so customers can now leverage OpsCruise observability anywhere they use Red Hat OpenShift. With instantaneous full-stack visibility and ability to detect and isolate problems with OpsCruise, DevOps teams can now more quickly identify sources of problems such as application SLO breaches caused by hard to find long chain dependencies on a failed service resulting from an incorrect Kubernetes configuration.

“Like Red Hat, OpsCruise has many large complex enterprise customers, so certifying our observability platform on Red Hat OpenShift was a no-brainer, ” said Scott Fulton, Co-Founder & CEO of OpsCruise. “We look forward to continued collaboration with Red Hat to serve customers together.”

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