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OpsMx suite of products are available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Cloud Delivered “CD as a Service” Simplifies Application Security, Compliance and Operations

OpsMx, the leader in intelligent continuous delivery, today announced that its suite of products to secure and automate application delivery and deployment are available on Google Cloud Marketplace. This includes OpsMx’s newest continuous delivery (CD) solutions, Secure Software Delivery and Secure CD, as well as Spinnaker as a Service and Argo as a Service. The announcement was made in conjunction with Google Cloud Next, taking place this week in San Francisco.

“DevOps and AppSec teams are struggling to keep up with the speed and volume of application releases,” said Gopal Dommety, CEO of OpsMx. “They need more efficient ways to enforce security policies, automate deployments, and demonstrate compliance that don’t burden developers or slow down the release process. With OpsMx products now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, these teams have easy, immediate access to the best in CI/CD security, without taking on the burden of deploying and managing new tools.”

OpsMx delivers software and services to intelligently secure and automate software delivery, building on a “security-first” architecture and deep CI/CD expertise to empower enterprises to ship better software faster. Four OpsMx products are now offered on Google Cloud Marketplace:

  • OpsMx Secure Software Delivery adds Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) and DevSecOps capabilities to customers’ existing CI/CD tools, including Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub, Argo, and Spinnaker. OpsMx Secure Software Delivery keeps the CI/CD tools that are already working and then adds application security orchestration, correlation, and posture management along with automated security enforcement, compliance, and auditing.
  • OpsMx Secure CD is the first complete software delivery and deployment solution specifically designed for enterprise security and compliance. OpsMx Secure CD combines the security features of OpsMx Secure Software Delivery with a modern CI/CD platform to manage security posture, accelerate multicloud and Kubernetes deployments, automate approvals, block vulnerabilities, and enforce policy compliance.
  • OpsMx Spinnaker as a Service provides the proven, enterprise-scale, multi-cloud continuous delivery of Spinnaker without the overhead of ongoing operations, maintenance, and security. OpsMx Spinnaker as Service is fully operated by OpsMx, including 24 x 7 support and ongoing going fixes to Spinnaker CVEs.
  • OpsMx Argo as a Service provides Kubernetes-native continuous deployment with open source Argo, extended with enterprise support and capabilities from OpsMx. OpsMx Argo as a Service also automates release verification and progressive delivery, manages application deployment across multiple Argo instances, and enforces software compliance policies.

Pricing and Availability
OpsMx products can be purchased directly on Google Cloud Marketplace. Starting prices range from $7,500 – $20,000 per year for 10 users, depending on the products selected. Private offers are also available upon request.

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