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OPUM AI Platform to Optimize Knee Care for Habit Health Patients

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Artificial intelligence and FDA-cleared sensor deliver insights to enhance clinical decision making, personalize treatment and reduce overall healthcare costs.

Medical device and AI company OPUM has partnered with Habit Health, New Zealand’s largest integrated health, fitness and physiotherapy rehabilitation provider, to improve patient outcomes. Habit Health will use OPUM’s expertise to support and optimize clinical decision making while delivering cost efficiencies over the course of patients’ care journeys.

OPUM’s partnership with Habit Health leverages OPUM LabTM predictive AI models to guide recovery from injury and progress through the care pathway. The AI algorithms, based on a decade of research, help optimize care planning to achieve the best possible outcomes. Using clinical triage tools, OPUM LabTM predicts patient complexity on the first visit, assesses therapy needs and identifies patients who would benefit from surgery. The algorithms provide the clinical team with another piece of clinical reasoning to complement the interdisciplinary team assessment.

“The insights delivered by this world-leading technology will enable us to deliver a step-change in personalized care and better support people in their communities to optimize health and live their best lives,” says Mark Shirley, Clinical Innovation Executive at Habit Health.

“With widespread availability of online medical information, patients now expect their care providers to be delivering more value, for example by offering a higher level of personalized care and a better overall care experience,” says OPUM CEO and Associate Professor Andrew McDaid. “In the rapidly evolving healthcare technology landscape insurers are also requiring increased levels of evidence from providers to prove their interventions are justified and effective.”

OPUM empowers providers to deliver scalable, personalized musculoskeletal care to positively impact the lives of patients around the world. Professor Andrew McDaid adds; “This partnership is a key milestone towards our vision to become the world’s largest and most trusted musculoskeletal knowledge base.”

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), New Zealand’s only accident compensation scheme, has co-designed the Escalated Care Pathways (ECP) with Habit Health and other care providers, aiming to improve access and equity and to enhance outcomes following back, knee and shoulder injuries.

“Escalated Care Pathways offer a streamlined approach to providing integrated and optimized care journeys. They are designed to encourage innovation in the care journey. We look forward to seeing the impact on patient outcomes through evidence-based decision making that this partnership between OPUM and Habit Health aims to achieve,” says Fraser Wilkins from ACC.

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