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Opus EHR and Saisystems Health Announce Joint Partnership

Opus EHR, a complete clinical solution that empowers providers to customize, measure, and assess clients’ treatment, has joined forces with Saisystems Health, an outpatient billing software, to provide real-time analytics and reporting for Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Centers.

The partnership will enable treatment centers to seamlessly capture critical data and analytics to drive operational efficiency, enhance revenue cycle management, and improve client outcomes. With Saisystems Health’s robust billing software and Opus EHR’s clinical solution, centers can easily monitor their insurance mix by filtering transactions and claims by source, forecasting, and strategizing operations.

“We are excited to partner with Saisystems Health to offer a comprehensive clinical and billing solution to Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Centers,” said Trey Wilson, CEO of Opus EHR. “Our combined expertise and innovative technologies will enable centers to achieve optimal performance and deliver high-quality care to their clients.”

The partnership’s benefits include real-time data analytics and customizable reporting, increased revenue capture, easy connectivity to any database, and enhanced operational efficiency. These benefits enable centers to understand their revenue cycle better and streamline their workflows, leading to more effective treatment and better client outcomes.

Saisystems Health has been providing billing services to the post-acute long-term care space for over 30 years and proudly entered the Behavioral Health market in its partnership with Opus EHR. With expertise in billing, and coding for outpatient facilities, Saisystems’s partnership with Opus will help behavioral health professionals reduce administrative burdens while improving overall collections. Optimal revenue performance depends on monitoring key performance indicators.

“Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Centers face unique challenges when it comes to revenue cycle management and operational efficiency,” said David Lane, Vice President of Customer Success at Saisystems Health. “Our partnership with Opus EHR will enable centers to capture data in real-time, and our billing software will allow industry centers to connect to any database and easily monitor their insurance mix to optimize their operations.”

Saisystems Health offers the most advanced set of revenue tools for greater efficiency and quicker, more consistent reimbursements. With a concierge service, transparency to data, reporting, and analytics, and their specialized back-office team can be a powerful addition to behavioral health practices.

The partnership between Opus EHR and Saisystems Health is a significant step towards improving revenue cycle management and operational efficiency in Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Centers. The collaboration will enhance client care, streamline workflows, and drive financial performance. To learn more about the integration benefits and more information, download the Data Insights for Higher Profits E-Book here:

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