Ordr launches new product – enterprise visibility, Gen AI capabilities

Ordr Now Addresses the Entire Asset Management and Security Journey, from Visibility and Risk-Based Vulnerability Management, to Advanced Threat Detection and Segmentation  

Ordr, the leader in AI-powered asset intelligence, today announced the launch of its new OrdrAICAASM+ (Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management) product, built on top of the market-leading OrdrAI Asset Intelligence Platform.

For years, Ordr has been solving asset visibility and security challenges in the world’s most demanding environments, including healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing. Building on its proven Asset Intelligence Platform with unique features such as the Ordr Discovery Engine for unified asset discovery, AI/ML classification and analytics, and automated policy creation and workflows, OrdrAI CAASM+ provides a frictionless option for organizations to manage their entire asset attack surface — including devices, users, installed software, cloud, and SaaS.

Industry analyst firm Gartner defines CAASM as “…focused on enabling IT and security teams to overcome asset visibility and exposure challenges… primarily through API integrations with existing tools.” CAASM is a key component of “continuous threat exposure management,” one of Gartner’s “Top Strategic Technology Trends” for 2024. With comprehensive and accurate visibility into all assets, devices, and users, security teams can confidently reduce the time required to understand, report, react, and remediate security exposure and incidents, while dramatically simplifying collaboration and communication among teams and with business leaders.

Not all CAASM solutions are created equal. OrdrAI CAASM+ goes beyond API-only solutions, utilizing API data collection and proprietary discovery methods with AI/ML classification to give accurate, complete asset visibility, business context, and insights. Key features include:

  • Complete asset visibility: Utilizing API integrations and Ordr’s Discovery Engine, CAASM+ offers real-time visibility into all devices, cloud assets, applications, and SaaS apps.
  • Accurate asset visibility: Say goodbye to duplicated and inaccurate inventories. CAASM+ provides a de-duplicated, correlated, and accurate single source of asset truth, eliminating noise and blind spots such as the 40% of IoT, OT and IoMT devices that are undetected today.
  • Risk-based vulnerability prioritization: CAASM+ delivers a prioritized list of top vulnerabilities with risk scores, using Ordr’s powerful mapping and correlation engine to align security impact with business context.
  • Enables natural language queries: Ordr simplifies how teams understand their security posture, and how they obtain information to protect their environment, with generative AI powered natural language queries.
  • Surface security gaps and exposure: CAASM+ automatically surfaces issues on a continuous basis, such as devices running outdated operating systems, or missing EDR or MDM agents.
  • Automate remediation: Remediation workflows are automated using ITSM, SIEM, and SOC integrations, empowering teams with asset and business data to accelerate incident response.

“We’ve spent years building an enterprise-scale asset intelligence platform, with an asset knowledge base and the unique functionality needed to secure mission-critical devices,” said Pandian Gnanaprakasam, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Ordr. “We now offer all enterprises an easy-to-deploy CAASM+ product to secure their expanded attack surface — devices, users, installed, SaaS, and cloud workloads. Compared to other CAASM solutions, Ordr delivers 2x asset visibility, 3x asset context, and 4x scale. More importantly, teams also have an easy expansion path to OrdrAI Protect for advanced security use cases.”

Security leaders are invited to attend an Ordr Masterclass to learn more about the OrdrAI CAASM+ solution. For more information on how Ordr can help your organization establish enterprise visibility and improve its security posture, please visit:

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