OrionStar Robotics unveils Lucki PRO

The world’s leading robotics company OrionStar unveils the next-gen delivery robot Lucki PRO, which will redefine delivery robots and lead the industry to a new stage. With an industry-exclusive dish recognition camera, 360° smart ambient lamp, 14.1-inch HD super large screen, and torsion bar damping suspension, Lucki PRO brings an incomparable human-robot interaction experience, delivery capacity and adaptability.

Unprecedented Interactive Experience

  • Industry Exclusive Dish Recognition Camera. Lucki PRO has an industry-exclusive dish recognition camera that can automatically identify and broadcast dishes, enabling real-time data analysis and standardization of chain restaurants.
  • Industry Exclusive 360° Smart Ambient Lamp. The 360° ambient Lamp can automatically illuminate the tray where the dishes are to be picked up, making meal-picking convenient and giving a sense of ritual.
  • Industry Largest Interactive Screen. Lucki PRO has the largest interactive screen in the industry, a 14.1-inch ultra-large horizontal screen with a wider interactive viewing angle and clearer content display. The large screen is equipped with upgraded service software and redesigned high-tech UI, bringing users an immersive interactive experience.
  • Industry Strongest Voice Interaction Capability. Lucki PRO has the most powerful AI voice capability in the industry. With a 6-microphone array, Lucki PRO has a voice recognition accuracy of 90% and can work well in noisy environments with noise up to 75db. In addition, Lucki PRO has the incredible sound experience of a hi-fi subwoofer.

Superior Delivery Capacity

  • All-Round Enhanced Mobility. Lucki PRO adopts a quasi-circular chassis to better use chassis space and improves the robot’s passability. The industry-exclusive torsion bar damping suspension makes Lucki PRO highly adaptable to various complex ground environments. A large-diameter and higher-torque hub motor is featured to improve load capacity and stability.
  • Excellent Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance Skills. Lucki PRO has higher breadth and accuracy in target recognition. Built in a 240° lidar and three RGB-D cameras, Lucki PRO realizes three-dimensional obstacle recognition without blind areas in the front and effectively improves the breadth and accuracy of recognition on tiny objects, moving objects, and suspended objects.
  • Load Capacity Increased by 50%. Lucki PRO supports tray loads of up to 15kg per layer and total loads of up to 60kg, which is increased by 50%.
  • Higher Battery Capacity and Faster Charging. The battery capacity of Lucki PRO has been expanded by 64%, which can work continuously for up to 16 hours. It only takes 4 hours to charge each time.

Incomparable Marketing and Promotion Capabilities

Customized marketing content can be played on the interactive screen of Lucki PRO. Robot marketing is a powerful tool for customer attraction and Lucki PRO’s large screen is even more eye-catching. The powerful voice interaction ability of OrionStar enables desired marketing achievement.

Strong Openness and Extensibility

  • Highly Customizable Robot Platform (Software+Hardware). Lucki PRO adopts a modular design, which allows for modifications to systems, recombination of existing capabilities and upgrades of system elements to enable innovation and rapidly respond to a changing environment. Lucki PRO is equipped with OrionStar RobotOS, an open platform supporting secondary development based on Android system.
  • Cross-platform Mobile App. Lucki PRO applies a hybrid app called Robot Admin, which is compatible with all devices and any operating system. It does not matter if it is viewed on a smartphone, tablet, or PC or even whether it is for Android or iOS systems. Leveraging the cross-platform mobile development approach, developers can customize development quickly and cost-efficiently.

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