OSARO to Exhibit at Pack Expo Robotic Solution for Auto-Bagging

OSARO Booth #8169 – Las Vegas Convention Hall

OSARO, a global leader in the development and deployment of advanced robotic automation, will demonstrate the first robotics solution for automated bagging at the Las Vegas Pack Expo Exhibition from September 27-29, 2021. Pack Expo is the world’s most comprehensive packaging and processing event.

“OSARO is excited to debut a powerful new automation opportunity for our customers at Pack Expo 2021. We’re proud to announce the first application of smart robotics to fully automate the multi-SKU poly bagging process for e-commerce operations. With this solution customers can reduce costs and increase production without increasing headcount. OSARO’s unmatched vision, control, and integrations allow customers to automate picking a wide range of products for bagging,” said Derik Pridmore, OSARO CEO and co-founder.

Logistics facilities in e-commerce and fulfillment centers have been challenged with meeting accelerating demands for fast and cost-efficient fulfillment of highly varied items. OSARO automated bagging provides a streamlined autonomous piece-picking solution that seamlessly integrates with automatic bagging machines, from picking to packing. The OSARO automated bagging solution enhances productivity and integrates the unmatched object recognition and robot control of OSARO’s pick-and-place software with packaging equipment from leading automatic bagging partners.

OSARO System Performance

OSARO’s drop-in replacement for manual bagging stations can package individual items at a rate of 350 pieces per hour, with less overhead and superior ROI. A five cell deployment will return as much as 40% cost savings over five years when compared to an equivalent number of manual bagging stations. Item types include general e-commerce items including: bottles, bags, blister packs, boxes, tubes, pouches, multi-packs, wrapped books and flat paper media, unconventional items. OSARO’s solution also reads the product’s barcode and generates an appropriate shipping label. The system is designed for general e-commerce order fulfillment or specialized distribution like cosmetics, pharmacy, or manufactured parts.

Interact Analysis reports that global sales of automatic bagging equipment will have a compound annual growth rate of 17.4% during the period 2015 – 2026. The market research firm predicts that global e-commerce sales will increase from $1.9T in 2019 to $3.1T by 2024.

Customer Benefits

Customers benefit by Increased production with lower operating costs. The OSARO solution accommodates your business, existing or future. OSARO automated bagging can pick from a jumbled mix of products without product registration and works with leading automatic bagging equipment providers: Sharp/Pregis and PAC Machinery.

Customer Quotes

Eric Johnson, Director of Product Strategy, Pregis: “Pregis has always aspired to solve our customers’ toughest business challenges with packaging. We’re excited to showcase a new packaging innovation that combines our best-in-class automated poly bagging machines with OSARO’s leading pick-and-place robotics. This turnkey solution offers efficiency and automation that delivers enhanced levels of productivity.”

Simon Goh, Director, Distribution & Facilities, Zenni Optical: “At Zenni, our mission of Eyewear for Everyone means providing quality glasses at the most affordable prices. We do this by constantly reducing costs, and that’s why we like OSARO’s automated bagging solution. Adding automation in our fulfillment process lowers the price on every pair of glasses we ship.”

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