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OutSystems announces its latest AI innovation: AI Agent Builder

Designed for AI-driven business transformation, OutSystems Developer Cloud’s AI Agent Builder enables rapid and secure integration of generative AI into applications and operations

OutSystems, a global leader in high-performance low-code application development, today announced AI Agent Builder, a new innovative solution in the OutSystems Developer Cloud platform that makes it easy for IT leaders to incorporate generative AI (GenAI) powered applications into their digital transformation strategy, as well as govern the use of AI to ensure standardization and security.

AI Agent Builder is the latest execution of OutSystems’ three-pronged AI strategy, which includes: using generative AI to accelerate iterative application development; applying generative AI throughout the development lifecycle to improve security, performance, and agility; and building generative AI-powered applications to accelerate transformation. AI Agent Builder gives IT teams everything they need to build generative AI agents and embed them within new or existing applications, without any prior coding or AI expertise — addressing a critical shortage of AI talent while saving weeks in development effort.

This announcement comes at a time when CIOs are seeking innovative and streamlined approaches to digital transformation. “While only 9% of executives have currently deployed generative AI technologies, 75% plan to do so through partnerships,” according to MIT Tech Review Insights, reflecting the need for reliable collaborators to fulfill companies’ mandates to operationalize generative AI.

“AI is driving a paradigm shift in how enterprise tech strategies are developed and implemented, but digital transformation leaders often don’t know where to get started,” said Paulo Rosado, Founder and CEO at OutSystems. “In fact, 75% of OutSystems customers are still in the beginning stage of generative AI implementation, and we want to help them meet the moment.”

Companies implementing an AI strategy face a number of hurdles, such as higher customer expectations and a talent and skills shortage, particularly when it comes to managing AI sprawl and the intersection of AI and privacy, compliance, and security. AI Agent Builder addresses these issues by enabling human-like digital interactions and delivering immediate, context-aware responses and actions with minimal human intervention. Users can choose from Azure OpenAI or AWS Bedrock foundation models, integrate them with unique knowledge sources, and input natural language instructions (e.g., “you are a friendly customer support agent”) for use inside applications. AI Agent Builder also simplifies the development process, allowing organizations to rapidly customize and deploy sophisticated generative AI solutions, accelerate innovation, and enhance operational efficiency.

AI Agent Builder provides a first-of-its-kind blueprint for IT leaders in any industry to accelerate AI strategy and manage the complexity of generative AI implementation. Key features include:

  • Custom AI agent development, facilitated by an intuitive point-and-click interface, allowing users to seamlessly design, configure, and deploy generative AI agents customized to meet their specific business requirements, all without the necessity of coding.
  • A library of quick-start generative AI apps, including a ticket deflection application that generates accurate responses to customer questions in a customer-facing user interface, and a sales intelligence application that summarizes support calls.
  • AI agents powered by retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) to ensure outputs more tailored to applications’ end-users, based on their own data.
  • Built-in guardrails to control access and performance monitoring to increase accuracy and trustworthiness of results.

“Incorporating conversational, GenAI-driven user experiences into apps created within a trusted, scalable, extensible, and governable framework represents the potential for a new generation of low-code development,” said Michele Rosen, PhD, IDC research manager for Low-Code, No-Code, and Generative AI Developer Technologies. “Organizations will be able to leverage tools and platforms with agent building capabilities to accelerate their adoption of GenAI for digital transformation.”

Generative AI through OutSystems will help customers like KeyBank streamline processes and enhance efficiency. “Our IT team has effectively shortened delivery time frames by leveraging OutSystems’ low-code platform, ” said Dominic Cugini, Chief Transformation Officer at KeyBank. “This adoption not only facilitates closer collaboration and communication between business and IT, but also opens up exciting possibilities for innovation through the combination of low-code with generative AI.”

To learn more about AI Agent Builder, visit AI Agent Builder home page. Please join us April 3, 2024 for the webinar, Generative AI: Breaking through the backlog for business transformation.

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