Parallel named top six finalist at Startup Battlefield 200

Precision health-tech startup, Parallel is named top six finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023’s Startup Battlefield 200, showcasing its ability to revolutionize healthcare, starting with skin health

Precision health-tech startup, Parallel is named top six finalist, joining the top 0.2%, at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023’s Startup Battlefield 200, showcasing its ability to revolutionize healthcare, starting with skin health.

As pioneers of Microbiome Dermatology™, Parallel is revolutionizing healthcare, starting with skin health. In the United States, Dermatologists are the #1 prescribers of antibiotics. While antibiotics currently play a vital role in treating skin conditions, they also have downsides, including lack of precision and personalization, as well as bacterial resistance. Parallel has created a new solution in the form of a topical serum using their underlying technology, phages, which are tiny microbes that selectively target and eliminate pathogenic bacteria while leaving beneficial bacteria untouched.

“Unlike competitors in the market who use 16S, we use a more advanced technology – whole genome sequencing to see your entire microbial ecosystem of not only bacteria, but also viruses, fungi, mold, and mites. An internal spike allows us to be quantitative, and our proprietary bio-algorithms categorize your skin microbiome,” said Natalise Kalea Robinson, CEO and Co-Founder of Parallel, “Using our biobanks of over 10,000 bacterial, phage, and fungal strains, we created eight Custom Active Phage Serums™ to optimize the unique skin microbiome for each skin type. Today, we’re in pre-launch and have over 6,000 people on our waitlist.”

Parallel’s innovative process is simple – test, discover, repair/optimize – all combined in its easy to use Skin Discovery Kit. By leveraging testing via whole genome sequencing, robotics, automation and big data/ML/AI, Parallel is able to identify a consumer’s Skin Microbiome Type™ and recommend a Custom Active Phage Serum™ each containing a personalized phage complex that best matches their skin needs.

When scaled beyond skin to other therapeutics, Parallel’s personalized platform projects $5B revenue potential by 2030.

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