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Parasoft releases Parasoft Jtest and DTP, 2023.1 new version

Parasoft Jtest Release Simplifies Workflows and Expands IDE Integration

News Highlights

  • Parasoft launches version 2023.1 of Java developer test productivity solution, Jtest and DTP.
  • AI-enabled Parasoft Jtest improves code quality, decreases defect rates, and accelerates software delivery.
  • Gain an increase in visibility and actionable metrics from an automated collection of up-to-date code coverage levels.

Parasoft, a global leader in automated software testing solutions, has announced the newest release of Parasoft Jtest and DTP, 2023.1 version. The Java developer test productivity solution with new features will help developers:

  • Simplify workflows
  • Improve IDE integration
  • Increase developer productivity

DevOps managers will benefit from Parasoft’s AI-powered JUnit testing capabilities that enable developers to find and resolve issues faster, allowing them to spend more time innovating.

To learn more about Parasoft’s Java developer test productivity solution, register for the upcoming webinar on May 24 at 10 a.m. PDT Make Your Java Dev Team More Productive With AI-Led Unit Testing.

With the IDE enhancements to AI-powered JUnit testing, Parasoft’s Java developer test productivity solution provides a comprehensive suite of automated testing capabilities. The new release includes integration with the VS Code IDE enabling better visibility of static analysis execution and code coverage results. Developers can also automatically create new unit tests for modified code and view impacted tests inside their Eclipse and IntelliJ IDE environments.

In addition, QA teams can collect and measure Java code coverage without access to source code, while development managers gain a holistic view of overall code quality across the entire application with a new portfolio coverage widget in the reporting dashboard.

One customer experienced a 90% reduction in regression test execution time in their CI/CD pipeline by using Jtest’s AI to detect modified code and only execute the tests impacted by the changes. Parasoft’s solution enables developers to deliver high-quality software on time and on budget.

“Parasoft Jtest has taught our engineers how to be better developers. In the process of using Parasoft Jtest, we’re getting fewer and fewer defects in the code base because developers are learning how to write better Java,” said the senior project lead engineer at a leading financial services organization and Parasoft customer.

“We are constantly adding functionality to our tools that our own developers want to use. Developers commonly make code changes and need to write unit tests to cover those changes. With the new release, developers can automatically create unit tests for the modified code right in the IDE, making unit test creation even more efficient than it already was with Parasoft Jtest’s AI-based unit test creation,” said Nathan Jakubiak, Senior Director of Development at Parasoft.

Companies can assess their unit testing maturity level with Parasoft’s assessment guide or download a free 14-day trial to evaluate the solution.

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