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PassFab Announces Revamped PassFab Duplicate File Deleter V2.0.0

PassFab has proudly announced that it is all-set to launch the new and improved version of its PassFab Duplicate File Deleter. This new version is called V2.0.0 and it is an entirely new take on the legendary duplicate file deleting application with a remarkable new feature of scanning similar images. The primary goal of this game-changing update is to enhance the user experience and the new app is packed with a variety of exciting features and benefits.

“The most remarkable feature of PassFab Duplicate File Deleter V2.0.0 is that it detects and deletes duplicate files and similar images on Windows,” said the spokesperson of PassFab, while talking about the revamped duplicate file deleter. According to the spokesperson, the efficiency and accuracy of the software is highly impressive, and it also supports external devices.

With the files pile up over time on your computer, finding out the files you want will be as difficult as extracting a needle from the haystack especially when there are lots of duplicate files. People can detect and delete various files types through PassFab Duplicate File Deleter. It supports all kinds of files such as photo, video, audio, documents, and others.

In addition to its rapid scanning speed and 100% accuracy in detection and deletion of duplicate files or similar images, thePassFab Duplicate File Deleter V2.0.0 also features one of the best UI designs in its category. Moreover, it also enables users to preview and compare duplicate files before deleting them, and it also features delete protection. This means that all the deleted files are first removed to the recycle bin, and then they can be deleted either automatically or manually by the user.

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