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Pear Therapeutics & Prescryptive Health Announce Formulary Coverage

  • Prescryptive Health, a health intelligence platform focused on improving the prescription drug market and the pharmacy experience, teams with Pear to make innovative prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs) accessible to its members in recovery.
  • Prescryptive Health will offer and administer Pear’s reSET® and reSET-O® through its digital platform as a covered standard pharmacy benefit for people with substance use disorder or opioid use disorder.

Pear Therapeutics, Inc. and Prescryptive Health today announced that Prescryptive, the first health intelligence platform, will offer and administer benefit coverage for reSET® and reSET-O®, the first two prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs) to receive authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat disease. reSET and reSET-O have been added to Prescryptive’s formularies and are being administered as standard pharmacy benefits for its members.

“Prescryptive has launched the world’s first health intelligence platform powered by blockchain that delivers patients the necessary prescription information they need in real-time to their mobile device while they are engaged with their healthcare provider,” said Chris Blackley, CEO of Prescryptive Health. “Teaming with Pear to make reSET and reSET-O available to our members is a natural extension of our aim to deliver empowering benefit plan solutions that inspire better health.”

“With an aligned mission to engage patients and redefine the delivery of care, we are pleased to team with Prescryptive to provide people in recovery with covered access to innovative FDA-authorized treatments through their mobile devices when and where they need it most,” said Corey McCann, M.D., Ph.D., President and CEO of Pear Therapeutics. “With this coverage decision, Pear continues to expand access to PDTs by adding reSET and reSET-O to a standard formulary.”

As Prescryptive Health and Pear both have a commitment to delivering digital solutions at the point-of-care, in a mobile-enabled environment that’s patient-centric, the collaboration drives transparency and control for members when they need care most.

Prescryptive will include reSET and reSET-O on its platform, making a seamless experience for members who will benefit from PDTs. Both reSET and reSET-O have been tested in real-world use and randomized controlled trials, with results published in peer-reviewed medical journals. Both products, which are adjunctive to outpatient counselling, provide patients with algorithm-driven cognitive behavioral therapy, fluency training, and contingency management, while clinicians receive access to clinical dashboards to inform in-office and tele visits. reSET is used as a monotherapy for patients 18 years of age or older with substance use disorder and reSET-O is used in combination with transmucosal buprenorphine for patients 18 years of age or older with opioid use disorder.

PDTs are a new therapeutic class that uses software to directly treat disease. Like traditional medicines, PDTs are developed in a GMP-compliant environment, tested in randomized controlled trials demonstrating safety and effectiveness, evaluated and authorized by regulators like FDA, and used under the supervision of a prescribing clinician1,2. Unlike traditional medicines, PDTs are designed to collect real world data for use by prescribing clinicians and for population health management by payors and health systems. Pear recently released publications showing the potential for improved health outcomes and decreased treatment costs for patients using reSET-O3-7.

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