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P&G Professional SmartAssist Provides Tailored Recommendations

The Online Resource Delivers a Curated List of Product Solutions for Independent Businesses Looking to Upgrade Their Clean

Ask any independent business owner why they decided to open their company and it’s unlikely you would hear that it was to become an expert in cleaning and disinfection. Rather they plan to be the new foodie hotspot, the next 5-star hotel, or the healthcare facility families entrust with the care of a loved one. Along the way, these small business owners find that they are not only the executive chef, lead innkeeper, or facility manager, but are also the head of HR, chief financial officer, and housekeeping manager. And with the increased attention cleaning has received since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, founders, managers, and entrepreneurs need an expert in their corner. Enter SmartAssist from P&G Professional, a virtual cleaning expert that provides personalized recommendations for business owners looking for cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing solutions that meet the heightened expectations of guests impacted by the pandemic.

P&G Professional, the away-from-home division of Procter & Gamble, created the online resource to provide tailored product recommendations that meet the specific needs of independent business owners based on their responses to SmartAssist’s questions. Users can also learn more about the superiority of P&G Professional products and find information on where and how to use them in order to achieve and maintain the highest level of cleanliness.

“At P&G Professional, we have always prided ourselves on being not only a resource, but a partner to our customers, ensuring that they have the products and solutions they need to get the job done right every time,” said Paul Edmondson, Vice President North America, P&G Professional. “The SmartAssist advisor allows us to leverage our extensive business research and offer the same level of personalized service to businesses of all sizes through an easily accessible and flexible platform that empowers business owners to become the cleaning experts they need to be, especially in the challenging business context of the pandemic.”

The SmartAssist advisor works by asking the user a series of questions about their business, product use preferences and priorities, and specific cleaning challenges. Based on the responses, SmartAssist provides product recommendations to best solve for the identified cleaning tasks, with direct links to buy, as well as usage and safety information. The user can also choose to email themselves the product recommendations for future reference and subscribe to the P&G Professional community for ongoing support and expert recommendations through the system. The whole process takes less than five minutes and the AI-advisor can be accessed at any time, so busy business owners do not need to schedule an appointment or spend time with a consultant on the phone.

With the increased attention customers are now paying to cleanliness, businesses need cleaners that knock out grime, grease and germs faster and stronger than ever before. Products like Dawn Professional Pot and Pan – that cleans 58 percent more dishes per sink than the leading competitor* – resulting in 35 percent fewer sink changeovers* and a reduction in hot water usage by 6,000 gallons a year* – allow restaurant owners to do more with less: less time, less effort and less money.

Maintaining high levels of cleanliness and disinfection can also help keep employees and guests safe and healthy. Microban Professional kills 99.9% of bacteria and keeps surfaces sanitized for up to 24 hours, even after multiple touches, when used as directed.** Joining Microban on the list of EPA-Approved P&G Professional products on List N for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, are Spic and Span, and Comet. These multi-purpose products with trusted brand names are simple and effective to use and clean and disinfect to kill germs so owners and operators can be confident that their business is clean for employees, customers, residents, and guests.

To access the SmartAssist platform go to To learn more or request a consultation from P&G Professional Experts go to and sign up to be the first to hear about new products and offers.

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