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Phenom Introduces ML-powered Mentoring to Employee Experience

Intelligent matching connects best-fit mentors and mentees, encourages upskilling, and promotes an inclusive culture

Phenom, the global leader in Talent Experience Management (TXM), today announced Phenom Mentoring — an innovative product that connects employees and experienced leaders seeking a mentor-mentee relationship. With Phenom Mentoring, organizations can leverage automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to match individuals based on their skills, career path, location, goals and mentoring styles.

As work continues to adapt to virtual settings, employee engagement and human-to-human connection are more crucial than ever for sustainable growth and retention. According to recent surveys, nearly half* of employees say they aren’t getting enough training, coaching and mentoring to advance their careers during the pandemic — and 26%** of employees have expressed that they plan to seek external work after the pandemic subsides.

Phenom Mentoring enables employees to evolve and employers to build a more capable enterprise at scale. The product helps organizations launch or enhance meaningful mentoring programs, facilitate colleague collaboration, track goals and measure the success of mentor-mentee connections. Additionally, companies can reduce turnover at a time when they’re facing immense pressure to outpace their competitors in the race for talent.

With Phenom Mentoring, employees can navigate a suitable career path through a one-on-one mentorship that advances hard and soft skills. Using the product’s intuitive interface, all employees can:

  • Discover AI-recommended mentors based on criteria like skills, goals and career paths.
  • Request a compatible mentor who can help them reach clearly defined goals.
  • Initiate and manage mentorships within Phenom’s talent experience platform.
  • Track mentorship goals, objectives, session summaries and resources.

“Most seasoned employees can point to those one or two mentors who helped them develop their career,” said Tim Adair, director of product management at Phenom. “With AI and automation, we’re not only helping employees discover mentors — we’re helping employers create those connections at scale. It’s an instrumental piece of the employee experience.”

Embracing a Robust Employee Experience

Mentoring is one part of a holistic employee experience. Infused with Phenom AI and machine learning to deliver personalized recommendations and content, Phenom Employee Experience includes:

  • Career Pathing.Empowers employees to identify future job opportunities, as well as the skills needed to progress.
  • Internal Mobility. Matches employees to open internal roles based on their skills, location and career path.
  • Learning and Development. Provides relevant courses, training and resources that meet employees’ needs and interests.
  • Gigs. Spotlights internal projects that deliver experiential learning opportunities to develop new skills.
  • Employee Resource Groups. Introduces employees to internal communities and networking opportunities.
  • Diversity and InclusionMakes career opportunities available for all employees by clarifying equity gaps.
  • Referrals. Builds talent pipelines with greater speed and reduced cost as employees easily refer from their networks.
  • Alumni Networks. Keeps previous employees engaged to promote potential re-hiring and maintain brand affinity.

A Unified Solution for the Entire Talent Journey

Employee Experience is critical to evolving talent with the right skills and professional relationships. But it is only one aspect of the entire talent experience. The relationships among candidates, employees, recruiters and managers are all interconnected; neglecting even a single one can undermine an employer’s ability to hire, grow and retain the right talent.

Integrating these experiences is the foundation of Talent Experience Management — the unified approach that connects every stakeholder interaction throughout the talent lifecycle. As a result, candidates find the right job faster; employees learn and evolve; recruiters discover best-fit talent with efficiency and at scale; and hiring managers make stronger data-driven decisions to build their future teams.

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