Phison Elevates Technology Solutions in 2022

Powerful Partnerships and Best-in-Class SSDs Showcase Phison’s Technology Leadership

Phison Electronics Corp. (TPEX: 8299), a global leader in NAND flash controller and storage solutions, today announced significant milestones in 2022 that were highlighted by key partnerships, product innovations and advancements, and overall technology leadership.

“Despite market challenges, Phison is proud to have successfully navigated 2022 with strong innovation and technology leadership, two hallmarks of our company,” said K.S. Pua, Phison CEO. “As a forward-thinking company, we cannot wait to bring more SSD customizations, innovations, and solutions to our partners, and customers next year.”

In 2022, the Phison team continued to increase, and enhance their technology leadership through impactful collaborations, best-in-class products and customizable applications in gaming, enterprise, embedded, and industrial. Below highlights Phison’s impressive milestones in 2022.

The Future of Gaming Heats Up Winter

Phison kickstarted 2022 by showcasing its robust roster of next-generation gaming solutions at CES that featured a demonstration of the company’s first PCIe Gen5 controller for high-end desktop gaming. A best-in-class combination of performance and low power usage, the PS5026-E26 uses Phison’s unique architecture, and features a customizable SSD platform designed for PCIe Gen5 that will span enterprise and consumer markets.

Later that month, Phison was honored with the world’s first SD Association award for its SD Express storage solution, gaining Functional Safety Certification in the automotive storage market. The certification was an important point of validation in the quest to build automobile storage solutions that lead to safer vehicles.

Partnerships Flourish in the Spring

To meet the demand for higher density, faster, and smarter infrastructure enterprise applications such as hyperscale data centers, high-performance computing, and AI, Phison and longtime partner, Seagate, announced a new collaboration on an enterprise SSD solution in April. The collaboration is designed to broaden Phison’s and Seagate’s portfolio of high-performance, high-density enterprise-class SSDs optimized to lower data center TCO.

“Phison is a leader in the NAND flash controller and storage solutions business offering innovative and advanced customized SSDs,” Sai Varanasi, senior vice president of product and business marketing at Seagate Technology. “Seagate is pleased with longstanding collaboration and looks forward to continuing the development of products that serve the broad performance-driven enterprise and specialized premium gaming SSD markets.”

At Computex in May, Phison announced a strategic PCIe Gen5 relationship with AMD and Micron. This partnership is intended to build a cooperative PCIe Gen5 ecosystem of compatible products that elevate the gaming and creator experience. Phison’s role includes delivering a class-leading PCIe Gen5 SSD controller – the PS5026-E26. The flagship E26, promising a nearly 2x performance increase over the previous generation, is introduced along with other innovative storage solutions.

In addition to the two spring partnerships, Phison announced the successful deployment of the world’s first PCI-SIG Association Certified PCIe 5.0 Redriver IC PS7101. The Phison Redriver helps solve the compatibility problems of high-speed signal transmission between a Central Processing Unit and peripheral devices such as SSDs and graphic cards. The big industry endorsement affirms Phison’s commitment to innovation.

Summer Sizzles with X1 and I/O+ Technology

During the Flash Memory Summit, Phison made big news with the launch of its X1 controller-based SSD that reinforced the company’s commitment to elevating the bar in enterprise storage by delivering the world’s best-in-class enterprise SSD. Designed in partnership with Seagate, the X1 SSD customizable platform offers more computing with less energy consumption.

Sharing the spotlight at FMS was Phison’s I/O+ Technology – a group of custom firmware innovations that optimize the SSD for sustained read workloads that run for hours. The I/O+ received rave reviews for the new firmware’s ability to transform existing Phison-powered SSDs into DirectStorage-capable devices. DirectStorage is a new API that allows games to take advantage of speedy NVMe SSDs.

Fall and the Final Frontier: Space

Heading into fall, Phison announced an exciting new partnership with SkyCorp, a company focused on space logistics. The collaboration objective is to enhance space-based computing and data storage on lunar missions. For Phison, the partnership continues the company’s journey into space. Phison already has SSDs on the Mars Perseverance Rover and International Space Station.

After showcasing the E26 in January, Phison shipped the E26 in October, culminating a year filled with outstanding achievements through leading edge applications and powerful partnerships.

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