Picsart’s AI Lab Launches Advanced Background Remove Tool

Available to Gold Subscribers, the tech is delightfully easy to use, enabling creators to remove a background in one tap

Picsart, a photo and video editing platform and a top 20 most downloaded app worldwide, today announced an industry leading background remove tool to make editing images easier and faster. Subscribers to Picsart Gold now have access to an advanced background removal tool for use on mobile, and rolling out to the web version soon.

Picsart has continuously trained its AI to understand images, video and creative expression at scale. As an increasing portion of its user base has begun editing content for professional purposes – such as removing and replacing the background of an image to make their products, profile images, or marketing materials stand out – Picsart has drastically improved its AI to fit the need for advanced tools.

“We can confidently say the background removal technology we’re launching today is among the best on the market,” said Humphrey Shi, Chief Scientist at Picsart. “The quality and accuracy of our AI has advanced greatly since we launched our first AI-based tools, and we’re continuing to improve daily to address the various needs of our creators.”

This tool is one of the first to be supported by the company’s AI research and development arm, PAIR (Picsart AI Research), which launched earlier this year and is led by Shi. The team worked alongside Picsart’s product and engineering teams to turn the technology into a simple one-tap feature right on the Picsart editor. PAIR has also partnered with leading universities including UC Berkeley, UIUC, University of Oregon and others to conduct fundamental research on AI to empower the next generation of creative communication.

The launch of this tool follows Picsart’s $130M Series C funding, announced in August. With investment in AI being the core of the fundraise, the team plans to hire, continue its fundamental AI research and build top products that will empower creativity for the hundreds of millions of Picsart users around the world.

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