Pieces pioneers “Sculpted AI” for Health Systems using Amazon Bedrock

Pieces Technologies, Inc. (Pieces), a leading healthcare AI firm headquartered in Dallas, announced today it has fully incorporated the latest generative artificial intelligence (AI) services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) into its healthcare solutions supporting providers at the point of care. Pieces is producing “Sculpted AI”—AI technology tailored to health systems’ specifications through a highly iterative, granular process down to the unit, clinical specialty, or physician level—using Amazon Bedrock, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), and Amazon SageMaker Canvas. With this advancement, Pieces now offers its U.S. and global health system and clinical business partners rapid, on-demand application of AI within electronic health record (EHR) clinical workflows.

Earlier this year, Pieces’ state-of-the-art system was the first to autonomously draft over a million inpatient clinical summaries in real-world clinical environments, working with health systems like Houston Methodist, Children’s Health System, Texas Health Resources, and Parkland Hospital & Health System. Last week it hit the two million mark. By leveraging Amazon Bedrock, Pieces now aims to maximize the cost-effectiveness of its AI outputs and utilize multiple LLMs to offer additional value and confidence to health systems. 

Pieces helps health care providers reduce time and cognitive effort performing redundant manual chart reviews, identifying discharge barriers and predicting patient discharge dates, and aligning care teams with auto-generated snapshots of a patient’s current status, improving detection of critical care deterioration, and identifying social determinants of health in real-time. To maximize safety and promote rapid iteration in response to customer feedback, Pieces uses adversarial and collaborative AI, auto-prompt engineering, and human in-the-loop systems control. Uniquely combining advanced technology with clinical expertise, Pieces clinicians continuously test, refine, and verify data, algorithms, and results in real-world settings, for the most reliable results: Pieces has an industry-leading observed severe hallucination rate of less than 0.001%. Pieces contractually guarantees very low rates of severe hallucinations audited through its Pieces SafeRead program.

“Students of healthcare continuous improvement know that the foundational principle is rapid data driven iteration with teams on the ground. Pieces Sculpted AI brings our AI applications into that framework under extremely strict safety controls,” said Ruben Amarasingham, MD, CEO of Pieces. “Leveraging AWS’s generative AI services allows Pieces AI roll-outs to align with a unique Kaizen methodology and PDSA principles, rather than point in time AI implementations. This is critical for controlled, responsible AI deployment.”

Leveraging AWS services and capabilities, a core principle of which is safety and security, Pieces is able to support healthcare systems in areas of high impact and ROI, such as length of stay management, clinical documentation, billing, provider communication, clinical handoffs and patient engagement, and rapid new use case development in close participation with the health system. Pieces Sculpted AI allows health systems to tailor solutions down to the unit, specialty or service level using the health system’s change management principles with a high degree of human oversight and in rapid fashion.

“What is stunning about Pieces AI is the speed of iteration they can output. It is like having an AI agent customized specifically to your organization down to the unit level,” says Dr. Nicholas S. Desai, MD, Chief Medical and Chief Quality Officer at Houston Methodist Sugar Land. “They have now deployed their work at scale across several major health systems, including ours, in every age group and clinical specialty with equal acclaim from doctors, nurses, care managers, and administrators. The impact of their work with AWS is evident. Big fan of both organizations.”

Since its founding, Pieces has harnessed the power of AWS, driving innovative solutions and supporting major health systems across the U.S.

“There is major opportunity and need to harness generative AI at the point of care to derive better insights and reduce administrative burden on clinicians,” said Dan Sheeran, General Manager of Healthcare and Life Sciences at AWS. “In particular, being able to integrate generative AI directly into EHR clinical workflows via Amazon Bedrock and Pieces’ technology can provide meaningful value. Pieces’ continued advancements demonstrate its culture of rapid innovation and responsible approach to AI for the benefit of both patients and clinicians.”

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