Pinecone announced an integration with Datadog

Collaboration expands Pinecone’s rapidly growing ecosystem of partners and developer experience leadership

Pinecone, the vector database company providing long-term memory for AI, today announced an integration with Datadog, Inc. (NASDAQ: DDOG),  the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications. Responding to exploding demand from enterprise organizations, the announcement means developers now have access to enterprise-grade observability and monitoring capabilities that allow them to build and maintain high-performance GenAI applications more quickly. The addition of Datadog to Pinecone’s rapidly growing ecosystem of partners and integrations further extends Pinecone’s leadership in developer experience.

The Pinecone vector database is a key component of the AI tech stack. It lets companies solve one of the biggest challenges in deploying Generative AI solutions — hallucinations — by allowing them to store, search, and find the most relevant and up-to-date information from company data and send that context to Large Language Models (LLMs) with every query. This ensures relevant, accurate, and fast responses from search or Generative AI applications.

“The new Datadog integration provides transparency and actionable insights to help developers build better search and Generative AI applications in the enterprise,” said Edo Liberty, Founder & CEO of Pinecone. “Part of a great experience includes seamless integration with existing monitoring solutions, complete with ready-made dashboards.”

“Datadog’s integration with Pinecone will provide users valuable insights into Pinecone usage, latency, and costs all in a single place with out-of-box dashboards,” said Yrieix Garnier, VP of Product at Datadog. “This empowers organizations to deploy AI applications to production with confidence and enable them to focus on their core priorities — enhancing day-to-day operations and driving innovation in their products and services.”

The integration is available immediately. To begin using the integration, existing Datadog customers will create and copy an API key in Pinecone and add the required information to their Datadog account. Users not already on Datadog can sign up and get started with a free trial. Users not already on Pinecone can sign up for free.

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