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Pivotree Launches Image Recognition Solution as Part of ML Platform

Pivotree customers can now leverage machine learning image recognition for rapid autoclassification and enrichment of product data

Pivotree Inc. (TSXV: PVT) (“Pivotree” or the “Company“), a leader in frictionless commerce solutions, today announced it has launched an Image Recognition solution as part of its DIVE Machine Learning platform.

Since DIVE’s release in 2019, Pivotree has paired machine learning with master data management (MDM) and product information management (PIM) to automate time-consuming and unreliable manual data processes. With the launch of its Image Recognition capabilities, the DIVE Platform can now use image information and context, to augment the text based inferences that DIVE could provide for autoclassification, normalization, prediction, and other data quality and enrichment functions. The new DIVE Image Recognition features also support the ability to search for similar and related products, based on an image.

“Often, retailers and distributors struggle with obtaining go-to-market information from product suppliers. The process is time-consuming, and they don’t always get the level of quality or completeness they need,” said Peter Lui-Hing, Chief Innovation Officer, Pivotree. “By innovating to bring image recognition to our machine learning solution, we can help our clients save time and slash costs associated with onboarding new products and growing product assortment, even to the level of endless aisle.”

For many companies, the process of collecting and standardizing product data from multiple sources takes days or even months to complete, often involving outsourcing. With DIVE, retailers and distributors can complete the same task in a fraction of the time, and with the addition of Image Recognition – with increased consistency and reliability. This is a particular benefit for enterprises who have deployed PIM or MDM, yet still struggle with process issues that limit their return on investment (ROI).

“While PIM makes a significant impact on storing and moving data, the tool doesn’t necessarily solve the process challenge of gathering the necessary product content,” added Lui-Hing. “Now, DIVE with Image Recognition can sit right on top of a company’s PIM platform, unlocking the ability to get rapid, reliable product details out to the market. The supplier provides whatever data they have AND an image, and we do the rest.”

As more commerce shifts online, companies selling through omnichannel place greater importance on improving product searchability with accurate, complete data. Having the capability to use images to extract context and detail to enrich and verify product information helps companies focus on the customer experience while making internal procedures more efficient.

“At Pivotree we are uniquely positioned to deliver value added applications and microservices that address the challenges found in complex enterprise commerce environments. This new solution helps eliminate friction across the board — for the retailer, distributor, supplier, and customer,” said Mike Leibovitz, Vice President of Product Management, Pivotree. “By extracting and providing such rich content from a single image, it alleviates friction across the value chain, helping you shift your time and focus from ‘tasks’ to value-added activities. Ultimately, that allows you to deliver a more frictionless, exceptional experience on the front end to your customers.”

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