Prealize Health Acquires CentraForce Health’s SDoH IP

With this acquisition, Prealize Health now owns the industry’s most robust library of data and insights into individual patients’ and health plan members’ medical and social risk profiles.

Prealize Health, an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled predictive analytics company, today announced the acquisition of CentraForce Health’s intellectual property. The transaction officially closed on August 2, 2022.

The two companies had previously worked together as strategic partners, recognizing the need to develop more holistic profiles of their client’s members, patients, and employees.

Prealize provides a suite of advanced machine learning insights at the individual level, informing on the rising risk and future cost trajectories of populations. Specific insights into the clinical and utilization drivers of that risk, the likelihood of improving outcomes from clinical interventions, and the likelihood to engage enable Prealize customers to activate the right interventions at the right time.

With this SDoH IP acquisition, Prealize now owns the industry’s most robust library of data and insights at the individual level and can provide a comprehensive view of an individual’s medical, ethnographic, socioeconomic, social determinant, and behavioral and attitudinal risks along with their engagement profile. These Comprehensive Determinants of Health™ directly impact access, while driving health consumption and total cost of care.

“At Prealize, we help payers and providers understand the future and ultimately change the health trajectories of individual members and patients by accurately predicting their future health events, as well as their receptiveness to earlier care,” said Linda Hand, CEO, Prealize Health. “Our acquisition of this intellectual property from CentraForce Health, their revolutionary data analytics engine, and their proprietary technology further positions us as the industry leader in predictive analytics.”

“Being able to access previously unknowable insights allows health providers to more deeply understand the behaviors that contribute to the onset of chronic diseases, and reduce or potentially prevent them,” said John Brady, CEO, CentraForce Health. “I cannot imagine a stronger possible combination to address these insights than the combined strengths of Prealize and CentraForce Health.”

“Understanding an individual’s future risk must not only take into account their interactions within the healthcare system but also be informed by a comprehensive view of SDoH and anticipated levels of engagement. Our combined technology will allow us to know exactly which obstacles they are facing and their preferred methods of engagement, enabling our clients to address their health inequities with the most appropriate and timely interventions,” said Hand. 

Prealize currently partners with several large clients, including Nuna, a healthcare technology company, and Optima Health (Sentara Health Plans), which includes more than 950,000 members, to incorporate data solutions for healthcare payers and providers.

“Our mission is to make high-quality healthcare affordable and accessible for everyone. To do this we have incorporated Prealize’s solutions into our platform to enable payers and providers to easily connect with health equity programs. I am excited to see what further enhancements Prealize’s team of data scientists will soon be bringing to the table following the acquisition of this technology,” said Parag Patel, MD, MHA, Vice President and Head of Solutions and Partnerships at Nuna, Inc.

“While accurately predicting risk is an important first step for health plans, we must also connect with and engage our high-risk members. Throughout our ongoing partnership, Prealize has helped us significantly increase member engagement and decrease utilization,” said John Coughlin, Vice President, Informatics & Analytics, Sentara Health Plans. “SDoH can provide additional insights for our teams interfacing directly with our membership, and present opportunities to develop new programs and solutions. SDoH data also gives us initial information on members new to the plan so we can assist them with their needs much earlier.”

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