Prefect creates Open Source Committee; announces New Core Team Member

Prefect Technologies, Inc., the creators of the widely acclaimed open-source Prefect orchestration platform and Marvin, the AI-powered software framework, today announced the formation of a new open-source committee to oversee the continued growth and development of Marvin.

In line with this announcement, Prefect welcomes Jason Liu, former machine learning engineer at StitchFix and author of the popular openai-function-calling library, as a community member of the Marvin Core Team. Jason’s track record of building AI products and expertise in AI and machine learning will be a significant asset to Marvin’s direction and growth.

“I’ve been obsessed with the ergonomics of working with Large Language Models (LLMs). They’re incredibly powerful, but the developer experience of working with them has been lacking,” said Liu. “The more I’ve worked with the Marvin team at Prefect, the more I find myself recommending Marvin to startups looking to adopt LLMs. My work has focused on figuring out the ergonomics for some impactful, targeted use cases – but I see Marvin as an upgrade with more capabilities and a fertile ground for pushing the boundaries of what we can do. I really share their passion for the developer experience and am incredibly excited to join the project to work.” 

Marvin, a framework developed by Prefect, empowers engineers, developers, and analysts to leverage LLMs for developing and deploying software applications. The community response to Marvin has been overwhelmingly positive, with thousands of developers adopting it for AI-powered software development.

“Jason has been such a great thought partner in Marvin’s growth and user adoption,” said Adam Azzam, AI Product Lead at Prefect. “His expertise, creativity, and eye for developer experience are a boon to Marvin. One of his first priorities will be laying the foundation for AI-powered dynamic workflows, which dovetails beautifully with the cutting-edge work we’ve been doing at Prefect.”

The creation of the new open-source committee and the addition of Jason Liu to the Marvin Core Team further solidifies Prefect’s commitment to advancing the field of AI and democratizing access to powerful tools for developers and engineers.

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