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Prefect Launches its Premier Consulting Program

Company will now collaborate with and recognize trusted providers to effectively strategize, deploy and scale Prefect across the modern data stack

Prefect Technologies, Inc, the company behind the open-source data workflow automation platform Prefect, today announced its Premier Consulting Program. The Premier Consulting Program is a unique opportunity to recognize and collaborate with trusted consulting firms, integrators, and data services providers to help Prefect users deploy and scale Prefect across the modern data stack.

Due to the widespread adoption of data across organizations and the plethora of tools required for reporting, analytics, and machine learning, the need for integrating dataflows and making them repeatable is growing exponentially. Yet, the process and cost of stitching together a myriad of data tools available in today’s market can be a headache for many. Orchestration tools like Prefect solve these problems by giving customers an easy way to schedule and observe their various data stack pieces. Integrators and data services providers are therefore uniquely positioned to help companies large and small take advantage of growing data, Business Intelligence, and Machine Learning opportunities, by leveraging Prefect to make their dataflow resilient. The Prefect Premier Consulting Program recognizes consulting firms that display significant expertise in implementing Prefect for their clients.

“There is no shortage of opportunity in the data landscape: unique technologies enable businesses to differentiate themselves via improved customer experience, new product lines, better recommendations, and more. However, reaching that promised land requires more effort than meets the eye,” said Chris Reuter, Head of Growth at Prefect. “Orchestration technologies like Prefect exist to help companies integrate complex dataflows between tools, making these achievements repeatable and durable. Implementing and maintaining these various tools that Prefect stitches together takes time and expertise. Our users and customers look to us to recommend trusted partners & Prefect experts to help build and maintain their complex deployments. This is why today we are announcing the Prefect Premier Consulting Program.”Benefits of the Prefect Premier Consulting Program

Prefect’s power lies in connecting tools across data stacks so that data can be made available easily and reliably. Technology integrations are fundamental to what Prefect does, and together with the company’s network of consultants, Prefect is able to help data teams deliver timely and accurate data for the reporting, analytics, and machine learning use cases organizations need to make fast, data-informed decisions. Consultants looking to join the Program will experience the following benefits:

  • Recognition as a Prefect Consulting Partner. A logo will be listed on the Prefect Partners page, and qualified partners will be able to refer to their consultancy as a Prefect Preferred Consulting Partner.
  • Co-Marketing & Content Development. Access to sales, marketing, and technical content, and additional training on Prefect best practices. There will also be opportunities to work with the Prefect marketing team to develop co-marketing content including webinars, white papers, and joint blog posts.
  • Joint Go-To Market Efforts. Referral revenue will be provided from clients referred to Prefect, in addition to co-selling Programs to leverage joint customers and identifying new opportunities.

“We’ve implemented Prefect for financial services and technology clients, and they love that its flexibility and ease of use reduces development time and makes their data pipelines more reliable,” said Jeff Rosen, CEO of QBiz. “The Prefect Premier Consulting Program will give us the resources we need to help even more clients extend their analytics and data management practices.”A Successful Consulting Partnership in Action

This Prefect Premier Consulting Program is a natural extension to the company’s acquisition of SLATE, one of the premier data engineering consultancies, in October 2021. The SLATE team represented the greatest concentration of Prefect experts outside Prefect itself. Prior to the acquisition, Prefect began referring customers to SLATE that sought custom deployments for Prefect Cloud. The SLATE engineering team quickly became incredible ambassadors for the company and the platform, even successfully tripling their billable hours after the relationship was fully formed.More Information on Prefect Premier Consulting Program

For more information, visit the Prefect Blog that discusses the Program in more detail.

Other ways to get and stay involved with Prefect can be found here, including joining the company’s 23,000+ member Slack community and following on Twitter at @PrefectIO.

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