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Prophet Security secures $11M in Seed to Boost Security Operations

Empowering security operations teams to combat the ever-evolving threat landscape, Prophet AI for Security Operations enables them to investigate alerts 10x faster

Today Prophet Security emerged from stealth with $11 million in seed financing led by Bain Capital Ventures (BCV) with participation from several security leaders and angel investors. At the core of the company’s unveiling is Prophet AI for Security Operations, an AI-powered platform that triages, investigates, and responds to alerts in seconds, slashing mean time to response (MTTR) by 10x. By eliminating manual, repetitive tasks, Prophet Security improves analysts’ productivity and empowers them to focus on security tasks that matter.

Security teams are flooded with hundreds of security alerts daily. They spend an average of 10 minutes manually triaging and investigating each alert, leading to significant costs and alert fatigue. Despite their efforts, the backlog persists, with 28% of alerts left unaddressed. The promised relief from SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) tools has fallen short, as they require substantial upfront investments to construct playbooks and integrations. This fatigue not only impacts morale but also contributes to high turnover rates, with two-thirds of security analysts contemplating or actively seeking to leave their roles. The consequence is a heightened security risk and increased costs for organizations.

“Triaging, investigating and responding to alerts is a decade-old problem that continues to plague the security industry,” said Jon Hencinski, VP of Operations at Fixify and former VP of Security Operations at Expel. “The biggest constraints in security operations are the people and the time required to manually gather data from multiple security tools to provide the context necessary to investigate the alert. Prophet AI for Security Operations is a force multiplier that automates manual steps and effectively eliminates these constraints.”

Prophet AI for Security Operations synthesizes incoming security alerts and automatically develops a plan to investigate each alert. Next, it executes the plan by gathering, correlating, and analyzing data from various security tools. Prophet AI for Security Operations then provides a determination for each alert along with a summary of key findings, a detailed timeline, and the underlying evidence. Security analysts can review the investigation, ask questions, and provide feedback as necessary. This feedback loop ensures that Prophet Security continuously evolves to meet the specific needs of the organization. Prophet AI for Security Operations also delivers recommendations for remediation and comprehensive, post-investigation reports. Additionally, Prophet Security’s privacy-first architecture ensures that an organization’s sensitive data is not used to train LLMs, thereby eliminating any LLM-related data leakage concerns.

“Together, founders Kamal Shah and Vibhav Sreekanti have unparalleled security domain expertise that positions them well to transform the security operations market,” said Enrique Salem, partner at Bain Capital Ventures. “In addition, advancements in generative AI mean that this is the perfect time to finally address a problem that has only gotten worse over the last 10 years.”

“The vast majority of recent security investments have focused on tools that detect threats and generate alerts,” said Kamal Shah, co-founder and CEO of Prophet Security. “Frankly, there has been a notable lack of emphasis on swiftly dealing with the growing influx of alerts. Prophet Security delivers a fundamentally new approach to handling alerts, thereby easing a significant burden for security operations teams while increasing the effectiveness of existing security tools and lowering overall risk for the organization.”

Prophet Security was founded by serial entrepreneurs and cybersecurity veterans Kamal Shah and Vibhav Sreekanti. Prophet AI for Security Operations is available as part of its early access program and is deployed at several companies across technology, financial services and healthcare industries.

To learn more and gain early access to Prophet AI for Security Operations, visit:

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