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Protiviti and CYFIRMA announce a strategic collaboration

CYFIRMA’s Real-time Intelligence Will be Harnessed to Mitigate Emerging Cyber Risks and Support Client Business Growth

Today, Protiviti, a global consulting firm renowned for delivering expert insights and tailored solutions, and CYFIRMA, a leader in external threat landscape management and cyber threat intelligence, are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration which will further enable Protiviti’s capabilities in cybersecurity and risk management by providing clients with persistent and comprehensive visibility on their external threats. Using CYFIRMA’s intelligence-led approach, Protiviti will build strategic roadmaps that enable clients to navigate the evolving cyber threat landscape while driving business growth.

In an era where cybersecurity is integral to business resilience, organizations face unprecedented challenges in managing cyber risks that have the potential to impact their growth trajectories. With the fast-evolving threat landscape, cyber defenders with static security strategies face the uphill task of managing cyber risk where threat actors, attack campaigns and malware are growing at scale.  By leveraging the intelligence from CYFIRMA’s platform, Protiviti will provide clients with agile and robust cybersecurity strategies that not only protect against cyber threats but also foster business innovation and development.

Michael Pang, APAC Lead of Technology Consulting Solution, Managing Director at Protiviti Hong Kong, highlighted the significance of the relationship, stating “SUN Tzu once said in his Art of War: “Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril. Current cyber-attackers and attack methods are constantly changing and difficult to predict. To combat this, obtaining deep insights from the attackers’ perspective is crucial. The alliance combines the cybersecurity advisory experience of Protiviti and the cyber-risk intelligence platform of CYFIRMA to assist our clients to better understand and manage their external threat landscape. Collectively, we are now better equipped to help executives mitigate their cybersecurity risks and turn their measures from reactive to proactive. Working with clients’ management teams to address emerging threats, we reinforce our strong commitment to increase business security and sustainability.”

CYFIRMA’s Founder and CEO, Kumar Ritesh, emphasized the crucial role of advanced threat intelligence in today’s threat landscape, stating, “The heightened cyber risks businesses face today demand a holistic approach where continuous monitoring of the external threat landscape will give defenders the visibility to new threats, giving them the time advantage and empowering them to take remedial actions. Our collaboration with Protiviti is rooted in the belief that effective cybersecurity strategies are not only designed to protect against evolving threats but also enable business growth. CYFIRMA’s insights and intelligence will guide both business and technology leaders as they navigate the increasingly volatile threat landscape.”

Protiviti will leverage CYFIRMA’s DeCYFIR platform where data around attack surface, vulnerabilities, brand, digital risk, situational awareness and third-party risk is analyzed holistically and actionable cyber-intelligence is presented. DeCYFIR’s insights will serve both strategic and tactical objectives for Protiviti and their clients. DeCYFIR will be a core element of Protiviti’s emphasis on providing a 360-degree view on threats and risks across operations, technology, and people. The insights will allow Protiviti to advise clients using real-time intelligence obtained from dark, deep and surface webs, giving them early warnings on potential cyberattacks and proactively remediating risk. This methodology ensures that cybersecurity strategies are adaptive, agile, and aligned with the dynamic nature of cyber threats.

The collaboration between CYFIRMA and Protiviti is effective immediately. Both organisations are excited about the positive impact this relationship will have on their clients’ cybersecurity resilience, paving the way for secure business growth.

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