Pudu Robotics Continues Strong European Growth

Leading commercial service robot manufacturer Pudu Robotics has been expanding rapidly throughout the European market in recent months. So far, Pudu Robotics‘ advanced intelligent service robots such as KettyBot and BellaBot are being used by more than 50 brands and businesses in Europe to improve operations across a wide range of scenarios, proving superior usability and adaptability of PUDU services.

Thanks to the products’ wide-ranging utility, PUDU Robots are being used in a great variety of different scenarios. In Poland, oil refining conglomerate, Shell, are leveraging the BellaBot and KettyBot to operate Europe’s first automated service station, greeting customers, informing them of current promotional campaigns, and assisting with order delivery. PUDU Robots are also making appearances in other venues, including European electronics retailer Media Markt in the Netherlands, McDonald’s in Slovenia, Pizza Hut and KFC in Poland, Nevins Newfield Inn in Ireland, as well as a photography and videography studio in Italy.

Regarding the growth in Europe, founder and CEO of Pudu Robotics, Felix Zhang said, “At PUDU, we see the European market as an important focus for growth and development. European businesses are amongst the most scrupulous with tech innovation, and we believe our industry-leading product range is capable of rising to the challenge. Moving forward, we plan to continue our expansion throughout Europe and provide the very best in commercial service robots to partners around the world.”

Outside of Europe, Pudu Robotics has also been serving businesses in other growing regions, leading to the brand’s truly global reach. In Jordan, the company recently started a strategic cooperation with Coca-Cola and M&Ms to use the high-end delivery robot, BellaBot, to assist promotional activities in major supermarkets. The BellaBot has also become part of the Filipino chain of fast-food restaurants Jollibee’s cool new store innovations. The continuous growth across diverse and highly demanding industries marks the company as a clear leader in the development and deployment of commercial service robots, with a number of successful case studies clearly showing the devices’ superior quality and design.

Alongside growing user numbers, Pudu Robotics has continued to focus on R&D and product design, as evidenced by the release of the PuduBot 2 in July this year. The more versatile PuduBot 2 is equipped with a high-performance lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, features self-developed PUDU SLAM technology for superior navigation, dual lidar sensors, and industry-first fusing laser and visual positioning navigation technology. In addition, the device is capable of marker-less deployment to reduce deployment time by 75% without having to redecorate ceilings and ensures stable operation even in high-ceilinged environments of up to 40m.

With its many years of expertise in the industry and continuous effort to enrich the service space and expand application scenarios of its products, Pudu Robotics is ready to serve international users and further expand the company’s reach.

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