PUER joins Campden Wealth as a Corporate Partner

PUER, a bespoke scientific multigenerational concierge program, announced today that it is joining Campden Wealth, the preeminent peer networking group for families and ultra-high net worth individuals, as a corporate partner to offer cutting-edge health and wellness resources to Campden Wealth’s members.

Since 1987, Campden Wealth has been the leading global network for ultra-high net worth individuals and for their families, providing best-in-class research, education, and peer-networking for multigenerational families.

PUER is joining the Campden Wealth community as one of Campden Wealth’s select corporate partners for 2024.

PUER offers a high-touch, high-science, multigenerational concierge program with the most comprehensive health planning for families. A centennial time horizon aims to complement multigenerational family education and resources facilitated by Campden Wealth.

PUER brings together two leading-edge components into a single, multigenerational program.

The first component, “PUER Care,” is a bespoke, high-touch concierge program, where a team of physicians and scientists spend up to 40 hours preparing for each individual visit to fully understand the unprecedented amount of information collected by the scientific team. PUER is designed as a multigenerational family wellness program in which members can participate over a long-term horizon in order to take advantage of genetic analysis over generations. As a bespoke program, PUER members have privileged access to PUER’s physicians and scientists 24/7/365, from anywhere in the world.

The second component, “PUER Science,”provides the most extensive and integrated biological assessment of each member under an official clinical study, by combining leading-edge technologies from genomics, molecular medicine, and comprehensive imaging.

“We are thrilled to welcome PUER to our UHNW community. They are the perfect example of a partner that can serve as an invaluable resource for our members in the health and wellness space,” said Brien Biondi, CEO of Campden Wealth North America. “I appreciate how their cutting-edge services can offer a unique value proposition for our multi-generational families.”

The founders of PUER are founders of several biotech companies that have invented and developed an approach to leverage genomics, molecular medicine, and comprehensive imaging to transform drug discovery and drug development.

“For all of us, the most precious commodity is time. There is simply no other health, wellness, and longevity program in the world where a team of physicians and scientists pour over one person’s information for up to 40 hours for each visit and each encounter,”said Szilard Voros, MD, FACC, FSCCT, FAHA, one of the founders of PUER, and a founder of biotechnology companies such as G3 Therapeutics and B4X Therapeutics. “PUER is the most rewarding project I ever had the privilege to take part in because it brings tip-of-the-spear technologies from the biotechnology industry to individuals, and this insight dramatically changes the health trajectory of every single individual we touch.”

“PUER literally saved my life by finding a heart blockage not caused by cholesterol, but by a genetic variant unique to me, which was not found by standard medical testing or an executive physical exam. The combination of the evaluation of my entire genome, along with the measurements of hundreds of thousands of molecules in my body, and my full body imaging, was an offering I have never seen before. It has changed my life,”said Kevin, one of the participants in the PUER program.

As a corporate partner, PUER aims to benefit Campden Wealth’s members with an opportunity for unprecedented access to engage with PUER’s physicians and scientists, providing them the optimal roadmap to achieve their family office and enterprise and health planning goals.

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