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PX Solutions Launches to Lead Canadian Healthcare Transformation

Improving patient outcomes and empowering nurses and other healthcare professionals with world class Patient Experience solutions for the Canadian healthcare market.

PX Solutions, is launching to enable hospitals and long term care centres to improve patient and caregiver experiences and improve patient outcomes.

Canadian healthcare is facing unprecedented challenges due to staffing shortages, a changing demographic and unprecedented demands caused by an increased frequency in wide spread viruses. While there is no single solution to address all these challenges, by addressing some of the more acute shortfalls and painpoints, a combination of solutions can provide significant improvements in the lives of both patients and healthcare professionals.

“PX Solutions provides solutions to address three core areas within the healthcare ecosystem; Patient Engagement, Nurse Call and Emergency Room Management. In addition, PX Solutions provides and manages the complex technical systems, infrastructure and devices that are core to delivering these solutions. These comprehensive solutions help to improve patient experience, recovery and health outcomes, reduce workload and pressures on healthcare professionals as well as helping hospitals manage the pressures on their over burdened emergency rooms,” said Geoff Kereluik, PX Solutions CEO.

Due to the unprecedented challenges facing Canadian healthcare, existing inefficiencies in the system are being further impacted. “It is our responsibility to figure out how to do things more efficiently and a lot of what we do in health care isn’t efficient,” explains Dr. Shaf Keshavjee, Surgeon in Chief at the University Health Network in Toronto.

PX Solutions partners with Get Well, Jeron Electronic Systems and other key global innovators to ensure Canadian hospitals and long term care centres have access to the best technologies and solutions the world has to offer. “Technologies such as smart phones and their apps have become a core part of our lives. Likewise, there have been significant advancements in technologies that specifically address many of the challenges and inefficiencies we face in our healthcare system,” according to Geoff Kereluik. “The solutions we offer can be rapidly deployed and provide significant results.”

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