Qeleo’s New AI Environments for the Developer and Enterprise Markets

Predictive Technologies LLC (DBA Qeleo), a leader in AI technology, announces the successful conclusion of its Beta program and the official launch of its advanced AI environments. Informed by extensive user feedback during its Beta phase, Qeleo has refined its entire platform, which now features a streamlined user interface (UI) to meet the needs of developers and enterprise clients.

Three Specialized AI Environments

The latest release of Qeleo AI represents a major update from the Beta version, incorporating significant changes that aim to enhance functionality and user experience. The upgraded AI offers three key environments, each crafted to enable users to address distinct business challenges with innovative and efficient AI solutions. All three environments are unified under a single login for streamlined access.

API Explorer: Designed for API engineers, this environment provides a suite of advanced tools and adjustable settings for in-depth analysis and fine-tuning of API interactions.

AI Chat: Qeleo Chat presents the most accessible and user-friendly environment for people to explore and experiment with Qeleo’s multimodal AI capabilities.

Prompt Playground: Crafted for prompt sculptors, the Prompt Playground enables the construction of Enterprise AI solutions with Qeleo, offering seamless integration for accelerated development cycles.

Optimizing with Tesseract 2

In its latest release, Qeleo rolls out Tesseract 2, the foundational AI model that powers its suite of services. Tesseract 2’s performance matches or exceeds that of current industry AI models, with evidence from standardized benchmarks demonstrating its lead over rival AIs in 98% of comparisons.

Transparent Cost Structure 

In its recent update, Qeleo has introduced Thinktime, a transparent pricing system. By directly tying billing to the computational resources utilized, it ensures users experience clear and manageable costs. The offering includes a Free account for initial experiments with Qeleo’s multimodal AI, allowing users unrestricted access to assess its capabilities. Additionally, there is a $20 Discovery account designed for non-production use, suitable for both personal and workplace exploration of the Qeleo API. For enterprise customers, Qeleo offers customized pricing to accommodate production needs, emphasizing scalability and ease of integration.

Coded with Care

The driving force behind Qeleo’s advancements is a team of engineers, data scientists, and AI specialists focused on broadening the accessibility of sophisticated technology. CEO Tarka L’Herpiniere states, “Our work on Qeleo AI has always been fueled by a deep passion for innovation, with an ethos that our development is crafted with love by humans for humans, complementing AI’s potential. This philosophy is fundamental to delivering a platform that serves the precision needs of developers and the broader accessibility sought by enterprises.”

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