Quantive Unveils New AI-Based Capabilities for Strategy Execution

New enhancements accelerate the company’s vision for using advanced technologies to fundamentally change how customers approach OKRs

Quantive, the leading strategy execution platform, today announced new AI-based enhancements to enable companies to excel at their strategic initiatives. Leveraging generative AI via large learning models (LLMs), these new capabilities represent the first of many innovations the company has scheduled for release to put intelligence at the heart of its flagship product, Quantive Results.

“We’re at the beginning of a rapid diffusion of AI technology aimed at solving a range of problems within software applications like Quantive,” said Ivan Osmak, CEO of Quantive. “These technologies will make workflows more efficient, guide and advise the user, and turn large amounts of complex data into meaningful insights. The result will be a significant increase in the value our platform provides to our customers.”

Leveraging the deep machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise and technology gained through the acquisition of in mid-2022, Quantive is well-positioned to rapidly bring intelligence-based innovations to the market. The current roadmap includes dozens of use cases across three primary themes:

  • Advice – Help all users become experts by improving the quality of the information within the platform. Offer AI-based suggestions aligned with the user’s experience and provide real-time feedback on the information being entered that can be accepted or dismissed as appropriate.
  • Guidance – New, intelligent workflows that use information to enhance the user experience and provide better results. Covering everything from an OKR wizard to a check-in or retrospective process where information is all pre-compiled for the user before the meeting.
  • Observations – Provides additional insights and context to the information being displayed. This could include benchmarks, quality grades, forecasting, anomalies, and dynamic answers to questions such as, “Which key results are most at risk for this session?”

“We’re in a fortunate position to take advantage of these technological advances,” said Osmak. “The greatest value from AI will be provided by models that combine both relevant domain and customer specific information. From the beginning, we’ve put data at the core of our platform and this approach allows us to significantly outperform a generalized model that lacks experience in that domain.”

In more practical terms, at launch, the new intelligence capabilities in Quantive Results will help users:

  • Overcome the objectives and key results “cold start” challenge. Users often need help defining objectives from an overall company strategy or high-level goals. With Quantive’s integrated AI capabilities, users will receive suggestions to help sharpen their objectives, consider new or complimentary key results, and even orchestrate tasks to help them get started faster.
  • Identify required initiatives to achieve objectives. As a large component of effectively using OKRs, initiatives can sometimes be missed, omitted or, at a minimum, not explicitly connected to the OKRs. The creates a lack of clarity and alignment within and across teams. To solve this, the intelligence capabilities in the Quantive platform help identify initiatives that should be prioritized to ensure businesses are set up for success.
  • Find answers to platform usage questions. Content and articles in platform help centers primarily depend on keyword searches or topic tags for users to get answers to their questions about a product. With the use of AI in Quantive Results, users’ questions can be answered more easily and efficiently, which will dramatically improve the user experience and overall productivity.

Over the past year, Quantive Results has evolved from a platform that helps organizations set and track goals to a platform that helps organizations achieve goals. And, as the AI capabilities in Quantive Results continue to learn and grow, customers can expect this intelligence to improve over time to support their strategic initiatives. This announcement comes on the heels of the company’s launch of a new company name and brand identity at the end of 2022.

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