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Qwilt Adopts Anodot’s AI/ML-Powered Platform

Anodot empowers Qwilt with real-time insight into potential streaming performance issues to support superior quality delivery

Today, Anodot, the autonomous business monitoring company, announced that it has been selected by Qwilt, a leading provider of edge cloud and media delivery solutions, to help deliver better streaming experiences to its customers. With support from Anodot’s real-time, autonomous monitoring platform, Qwilt will be able to maintain the highest quality of service and reliability, two critical components when ensuring the success of any platform.

Online media consumption is at an all-time high. This trend has been further augmented by the stay-at-home orders of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Forrester, “…48% of U.S. online adults had subscribed to at least one streaming service,” and this behavior is here to stay. “Intense online media consumption is resetting consumer expectations and reshaping the content consumption experience.” Qwilt’s edge cloud and media delivery solution plays a pivotal role in this new digital reality by addressing scale, quality, and cost-related content delivery challenges at the edge.

“Our next-generation content delivery solution, deeply embedded in last-mile service provider networks, is cloud-managed with open APIs for our content provider customers. Moreover, our solution is being embraced broadly and, when combined with increasing demand for more content and delivery capacity, we need to scale at a rapid pace,” said Alon Maor, CEO of Qwilt. “Anodot gives us constant insight into critical performance and quality of service issues, allowing us to deliver the highest quality of service to our customers.”

Anodot is an AI-based platform that monitors and correlates business data across the entire business to identify incidents that threaten revenue, customer experience, and the partner ecosystem. Patented algorithms overcome the challenge of manual business monitoring by learning each KPI’s patterns and seasonality in order to detect anomalies in real time and with greater accuracy. Companies that use Anodot are able to, year over year, reduce mean time to detection up to 80% and cut incident costs up to 70%.

Anodot customers in the streaming industry are able to build and maintain a competitive edge. Qwilt leverages Anodot’s fully autonomous platform to analyze vast volumes of generated network data to identify anomalies in critical issues such as buffering, load times, product usage, customer support, feature adoption, and content delivery. When there’s a degradation in customer experience, an alert is sent in real time to operations teams that shows contributing factors, such as related anomalies, influencing metrics and events, to guide them to the root cause. Anodot is driving faster incident detection and resolution for Qwilt and superior customer experience for its customers.

“In today’s increasingly digital world, consumers are requesting high-quality online content at rapid speed,” said David Drai, CEO, Anodot. “Qwilt is transforming online content delivery and streaming services for its customers with better delivery capacity, higher quality, and lower prices. Qwilt can maintain a best-in-class competitive edge by analyzing data collected in real-time through Anodot’s AI-powered autonomous monitoring platform, eliminating things like poor video quality, declining subscription rates, and lost revenue.”

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