Rackfinity showcases EziBlank

Rackfinity, an international leader and partner in intelligent technology, is thrilled to showcase EziBlank, an industry leader in cutting-edge data center air-flow management solutions for the global market.

Rackfinity is committed to partnering with and highlighting leaders in data center solutions. EziBlank brings innovative, energy-efficient server cooling products to companies of all sizes and needs.

EziBlank’s Innovative Contributions to Server Cabinets

Empty rack space in data centers allows hot air to recirculate into the equipment, causing expensive and valuable products to overheat. Thus, leading to an increase in energy consumption and the potential to damage equipment.

EziBlank offers a unique server cabinet blanking panel that stops hot air from recirculating back through the server cabinet. The blanking panels force hot air to exit out the back of the server cabinet to prevent overheating.

While many blanking panels can be clunky and difficult to install, EziBlank has streamlined the process and made every step simple.

Their products are easy to install with no tools required—simply click the panels in place to instantly cool server rack cabinets with ease. The panels snap apart to form the various size configurations needed to fit any server rack cabinet for added convenience and quick installation.

What Sets EziBlank Apart From the Rest

Energy costs account for 25% to 40% of operational expenses, and EziBlank empowers businesses to demand efficiency for servers and utility bills.

With a wide selection of products including blanking panels, EziBlank walls, brush solutions, floor tiles, and more, EziBlank products prevent hot spots and overheating in critical business infrastructure.

EziBlank makes it simple and affordable to optimize any facility’s airflow and energy efficiency without significant capital investment. The products are also lightweight and durable while offering superior performance and usability.

Rackfinity is Committed to Providing Vetted Data Center Solution Recommendations

Rackfinity is committed to providing its customers with the best possible intelligent technology environment.

EziBlank is at the forefront of providing cutting-edge airflow management for data centers. Therefore, Rackfinity is proud to share these products with businesses and individuals who require efficient server cabinet airflow solutions.

Explore EziBlank’s robust product catalog to find the latest in intelligent air-flow management solutions for business server cabinets and data centers.

To learn more about Rackfinity, please visit their website, where you can browse and find an excellent selection of products and provide esteemed customer service.

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