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Rakuten Medical Announces New Name “Alluminox™”

Rakuten Medical, Inc. (Rakuten Medical) has elected to discontinue use of  the name “Illuminox,” and to start using a new, evolved name “Alluminox™” for our proprietary, anti-cancer, photoimmunotherapy technology platform, which is comprised of drug, medical device, and other related technologies. This name change will take effect globally from April 1, 2022.

The new name “Alluminox™,” pronounced Ay-luminox, is derived from our aspiration to use the power of illumination to deliver what we hope is a knockout blow to cancer cells.  Our overall mission and aspiration is to help brighten the future for cancer patients All over the world.

The original name, “Illuminox,” has been challenged in the U.S. over trademark issues. Rakuten Medical desires to use its available financial and human resources to further advance our technology, to help get our treatments to patients and caregivers – rather than using our resources to engage in prolonged litigation.

“While we have a new name — Alluminox™ — for our proprietary technology platform, which combines the power of light with an investigational drug, device, and other related components to develop new, innovative therapies for cancer, our corporate mission, ‘to conquer cancer,’ remains unchanged. Rakuten Medical will continue to strive to deliver our innovative treatments to as many patients as possible, as rapidly as possible,” said Mickey Mikitani, Chief Executive Officer of Rakuten Medical, Inc. 

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