RAKwireless Announces a Range of New IoT Offerings

Empowering innovators across the globe, RAK will present advancements to existing software products, alongside new additions. New hardware is also a focus, expanding the company’s impressive portfolio.

RAKwireless, a pioneer in LPWA end-to-end solutions and IoT technology, has announced the annual Spring Launch Event. Each year, RAK showcases new innovations prepared for the IoT world. This year’s slogan is “Empowering the Innovators: Making IoT Your Own.”

“We envision these new IoT offerings will empower builders from around the world to think creatively.” said Carl Rowan, Technical Documentation Lead at RAKwireless. “Whether starting with a prototype or adding to a final product, the newest launch opens opportunities for IoT enthusiasts and burgeoning engineers to create, tinker and invent more seamlessly. We see the new line as a way to further support our builder community to learn, build and evolve to solve the problems of tomorrow.”

 Improvements to inspire innovators:

  • RUI3 – RAK Unified Interface V3 helps streamline and simplify software development, hardware control, and 3rd party library integration. This single, unified platform utilizes some of the most powerful IDEs like Arduino and Visual Studio to support product development.
  • WisDM – Advanced features are being released to best support efficient fleet management. New functionalities like Network connection management, MultiWAN monitoring, and Firmware over the air have been introduced. Allowing better control over your network infrastructure.
  • WisGateOS 2 – The firmware that will take our commercial gateways to the next level. With an entirely new look, accommodation of the latest security updates, and exciting new functionalities to come.

 A roundup of the newest additions to RAKwireless’ portfolio:

  • WisToolBox – RAK’s latest device configuration tool, available in both mobile and desktop versions for easy, user-friendly access to your RAK end devices.
  • Battery Plus (RAK9155) – A gateway powering solution, incorporating a solar charging system and status monitoring feature that works with WisGate Edge Pro, rendering the gateway perfect for off-grid deployments.
  • WisBlock – A growing selection of modules for your IoT solutions:
    • RAK12001 Fingerprint Sensor – Supporting both fingerprint enrollment and matching.
    • RAK12021 RGB Sensor – Can detect surface color by using red, green, blue, and white light-sensing capabilities.
    • RAK12025 Gyroscope Sensor – Detecting rotational movements in X, Y, and Z directions.
    • RAK12028/RAK12031 Through Beam Fork Sensor – Light-based sensor to measure motor speed.
    • RAK12029 Inductive Sensor – Module that can detect the proximity of metal objects.
    • RAK13009 QWIIC Interface – Used to connect SparkFun QWIIC and Adafruit STEMMA QT breakout boards without occupying the IO slot.
    • RAK13800 Ethernet Interface – Adding wired Ethernet communication to the WisBlock platform.
    • RAK14007/RAK14013 Joystick Interface – By combining a joystick and buttons, this module is a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) suitable for many solutions.
    • RAK14008 Gesture Sensor – Gesture recognition sensor can detect 9 human hand gestures.
    • RAK14012 RGB LED Matrix – Intuitive light matrix that can be used to build visual panels that can provide information, warnings, or even a digital clock.
    • RAK19001 Dual IO Base Board – With 2 IO slots for large modules and 6 sensor slots for sensors, GNSS modules, and similar, this baseboard allows for more complex applications than before.
    • RAK19007 Base Board 2nd Gen – The 2nd generation of the WisBlock Base Board RAK5005-O but with several improvements.
  • WisDuo
    • RAK3172-SiP – Low-Power Long Range Transceiver System-in-a-Package (SiP) based on a STM32WLE5CC chip
    • RAK4630 Stamp Module – The module introduces an AT command interface for setup of LoRa/LoRaWAN credentials and supports custom firmware development with RUI3.
    • RAK3272-SiP Breakout Board – It makes it easy to evaluate the power of the RAK3172-SiP module by giving access to all pins.

These products are available now (or preorder) on the RAKwirelesssite.

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