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RangeForce announces RangeForce Talent for cybersecurity job hiring

Real-World, Hands-on Exercises Provide Fact-based Evaluations to Streamline Hiring

RangeForce, the company that empowers team cyber defense readiness at scale, today announced RangeForce Talent, a cybersecurity hiring solution that uses real-world hands-on exercises to help security leaders validate and assess candidates’ true abilities.

According to a recent survey, security leaders continue to experience challenges sourcing experienced talent, with 73% highlighting it as an area of concern. Time-to-hire also remains a potent issue. 35% pointed to positions being left unfilled after a 12-week period.

Meanwhile, cybersecurity hiring managers have to rely on resumes and certifications to make educated guesses about whether candidates will be a good fit for their team, making it difficult to confirm their real skills. RangeForce Talent enables security executives and human resources professionals to implement hiring strategies that can cut through assumptions and biases, and also identify overlooked candidates for sourcing top cyber talent.

“RangeForce Talent empowers security leaders to demystify the talent search and evaluation so they can hire with increased speed, precision, and confidence,” said Jeff Orloff, Vice President of Product at RangeForce. “With hands-on assessments and interactive environments that reflect the real world, RangeForce Talent equips hiring managers with rich, skill-based insights. It also enables organizations to identify promising internal prospects for cybersecurity positions.”

With an extensive library of content, RangeForce Talent allows organizations to evaluate job applicants’ skills against key frameworks including NIST/NICE and MITRE ATT&CK with realistic challenges that cover a variety of threats using leading security tools in emulated environments that mirror actual IT infrastructure.

How it Works

RangeForce Talent provides data-based insights needed to accelerate hiring decisions while eliminating costly and unnecessary second-stage interviews. With automated assessments, hiring managers can screen candidates at scale and identify qualified applicants before conducting any meetings. The platform enables hiring managers to create evaluations specific to each position, and generate reports that summarize key performance metrics, including attempts, any hints or solutions used, and completion time.

RangeForce Talent is available immediately from RangeForce and its business partners worldwide.

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