Rapid Robotics Taps Kimberley Losey for CEO

Losey will drive the company’s growth and expansion of market-leading generative AI and 3D vision solutions as Founder Jordan Kretchmer assumes Executive Chairman role

Rapid Robotics announced that Chief Growth Officer Kimberley Losey has been elevated to CEO, a move that aligns with the company’s latest advances within the robotics and automation space. Founder Jordan Kretchmer will continue to support the company as Executive Chairman.

“We founded Rapid Robotics in 2019, with a vision of solving the labor shortage and reinvigorating the American supply chain by providing adaptive and scalable automation solutions in record time and at record low costs,” said Kretchmer. “Kim’s commitment to our mission has been clear since she first joined Rapid. She became my trusted partner as we thoroughly reimagined the power of robotics and built the most adaptive technology and go-to-market strategy in the industry. Kim shares my passion for building long-lasting partnerships with our customers, and for developing generative AI-driven solutions that deliver concrete value. Today, Rapid is built on this inimitable foundation of adaptive cutting-edge technology, real-world experience deploying hundreds of robots and a genuine commitment to our partners. There is no one I trust more than Kim to propel the company forward so that I can step into the next phase of my career knowing that Rapid is in incredible hands.”

As generative AI, computer vision and machine learning have advanced at breakneck speeds, customer needs and expectations have changed just as quickly. In 2024, Rapid introduced Rapid iD, which leverages these technologies to enable robotic arms to accurately pick, inspect and place objects with 100 percent certainty in end-of-line and logistics scenarios.

These solutions are a game-changer for manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, providing a solution for a growing labor shortage and a way to simplify the complexities of modern operations. Rapid is currently working with several large companies, from consumer goods to logistics – including two of the top 10 Fortune 100 companies – to revolutionize their operations through automation. This partnership approach is one that has always been embedded into Rapid’s processes and will only increase with Rapid iD.

“Because of her experience in the industry, and collaborative approach with customers, we believe Kim is uniquely gifted when it comes to understanding customer pain points and shaping solutions. She has repeatedly proven to be a business visionary capable of driving growth and sustainable long-term success for the businesses she is running and the customers she supports,” said Aaron Jacobson, NEA Partner. “She forms true partnerships with customers that will serve the company and its growth extremely well.”

As Chief Growth Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of Rapid Robotics, Losey has been instrumental in the company’s journey from pioneering Robotics-as-a-Service to advanced automation solutions partner. “Throughout my career, I’ve been drawn to companies that are at an inflection point in their evolution,” said Losey. “With the speed of technological advancements in AI, machine learning and computer vision, Rapid has transformed our solutions to anticipate the demands of our customers, delivering groundbreaking new levels of efficiency and innovation. I am thrilled to lead Rapid into the next phase of our business as we enable our customers to future-proof their business with solutions that address the complexity associated with building a competitive advantage.”

Losey is a serial entrepreneur and business designer with a passion for manufacturing, marketing, and leading high-growth businesses. She has led global teams responsible for the growth of some of the world’s most well-known toy and entertainment brands, built an award-winning omnichannel retail business, and was part of the founding team of Modio Inc., which Autodesk acquired in 2014. At Autodesk, Losey led the marketing teams responsible for Emerging Products, Acquisitions, and Growth, including Fusion 360, expanding on years of manufacturing expertise.

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