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Rapid7 announced Patented Ransomware Prevention Capabilities

Unique multi-layered approach to fighting ransomware provides end-to-end coverage while disrupting attacks at their earliest stage

Rapid7, Inc. (NASDAQ: RPD), a leader in extended risk and threat detection, today announced new, patented ransomware prevention technology that delivers end-to-end ransomware coverage to anticipate advanced attacks as well as accelerate detection and response time.

The pervasiveness and growing cost of ransomware has cemented defending against these highly damaging attacks amongst the top priorities for organizations and the security industry at large. Fighting modern ransomware requires a cohesive, multi-layered approach that constructs barriers along the attack chain to disrupt attacks wherever they begin. Now available within Rapid7 Managed Threat Complete, ransomware prevention technology creates an added layer of defense to disrupt the earliest stages of the attack chain and stop threats well before they become full-blown events.

“Being proactive is essential,” said Jeremiah Dewey, senior vice president of managed services, Rapid7. “In taking an end-to-end approach to ransomware, Rapid7 has combined new ransomware prevention with existing threat detection capabilities so our customers can address everything from threat actor reconnaissance and initial access attempts, all the way to digital forensics and response. This extensive coverage keeps our customers safer and also drives greater efficiency in their SOC environments.”

With a unique concert of prevention and patented deception engines, Rapid7’s ransomware prevention is able to block and contain costly malware attacks designed to evade traditional security mechanisms and disrupt business continuity. Ransomware prevention is built into the Rapid7 Insight Agent and is designed to easily plug into customers’ existing security ecosystems, including to supplement existing third-party endpoint protection platforms, endpoint detection and response solutions, or Rapid7’s next-generation antivirus (NGAV) capabilities. This means that customers are able to more effectively disrupt adversaries’ ransomware attempts without major overhead or operational burden.

Combined with Managed Threat Complete, Rapid7’s ransomware prevention gives organizations access to comprehensive, expert-delivered coverage:

  • Proactive Defenses: In addition to ransomware prevention and NGAV, Managed Threat Complete delivers an arsenal of proactive security capabilities to reduce the likelihood of a breach and stay ahead of attackers. These include Vulnerability Management to remediate exposures adversaries are most likely to exploit, deception technology to recognize attackers scanning the network for assets to target, and Managed Digital Risk Protection to identify the earliest signs of a targeted attack outside the customer’s perimeter.
  • MDR Beyond Endpoint: In the midst of an attack, the speed in which a threat is recognized and contained is critical to minimizing its impact. Expert monitoring within Managed Threat Complete extends beyond traditional endpoint-only MDR to rapidly detect and respond to real-world attacks moving laterally across the customer ecosystem.
  • Response and Resiliency: Managed Threat Complete includes unlimited incident response to ensure complete, end-to-end coverage during a security event. Powered in part by Velociraptor’s digital forensics and incident response framework, our expert teams are committed to helping organizations move forward from incidents with actionable plans to build resiliency and avoid repeat attacks.

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