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The Reasons Behind The Seasonal Surge of Cyber-Security Breaches And How To Prevent Them!

Why are Cybersecurity Breaches so Common in December?

Festive seasons are an invitation to cyber crimes on a large scale. Although there are enough measures being taken, there is a probability of loopholes being unnoticed in the short-run. The consequences happen on the part of the investment going to waste and data being compromised. December being the month of sales and shopping extravaganzas invites cyber attacks and data breaches wreaking havoc globally. There are increasing cases of financial frauds  leaving no trace of a third-party. Networks and applications are compromised by ransomware demanding a fee to release data. This causes loss of customers and goodwill leading to shutting businesses. Anti-viruses are no doubt trusted solutions, however there are times when there are loopholes in the software causing numerous viruses and malicious software to be downloaded. The viruses can be of Trojan Horses causing untraceable damage to the data and sensitive information. Festive months are an easy target for such events which can leave little or no trace about the damage caused. The reason found for the breach being high amount of sales and customer curiosity for offers. It is an easy bait for hackers and cyber criminals to modify sensitive information.

How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats Over the Holiday Season

Business and cyber activities have a close relation as enterprises need to update their websites with offers and key information for the buyers. In the midst of the activities, businesses have to guard against the potential cyber threats and prepare accordingly. An absence of the mindset can cause businesses loss of goodwill and other tangible assets. Businesses need to assess their security needs and invest in the right resources for the said outcomes. If the step is missed it gives an invitation to the competitors to attract customers and increase their customer base. Moreover, database security and database management play a pivotal role as customer data helps in personalizing products and increases revenue.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Business Owner Who Needs to Stay Safe Online

Talking of the cyber security gifts there are various approaches to address the concern. Businesses have to attend to the needs of the stakeholders at every stage and ensure them of the security measures taken by the business to ensure database security. These measures may vary from every sector however the results remain the same. In the direction of business capabilities, infrastructure management plays a pivotal role in counter-attacking hackers. An investment in the concerned software helps the business gain a cutting edge over the competitors and expand customer base.

Online business being an easy target for cyber attacks are a matter of concern for the industry. A loop-hole detected in the security infrastructure of the business can cause an unimaginable amount of money and time to be invested. These resources are valuable and are non-refundable. Evaluations of these infrastructures can help organizations to place their business at the top of the pyramid in safety assessment. Businesses gifting their customers with database security can assure online and offline presence to be safe and increase business expansion in the years to come. 


As a business, having evaluated all its safety parameters in the initial stages helps customers and stakeholders increase the chances of investments and revenue. These prospects help businesses to innovate products and develop a niche customer base for their selective products. A step in this direction helps businesses to assess customer expectations concerning the security of the online presence. Having an established social media presence helps organizations to address customer needs directly and increase sales. Information security being the important aspect ensures goodwill in all directions.

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