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Red Hawk Grows 2x, Reduces Assessment Time with CAST Highlight

Kentucky-based software development firm Red Hawk Technologies has more than doubled its business in the last twelve months while significantly enhancing its operational efficiency by integrating CAST Highlight into its novel and unique software development as a managed service (“SDaaMS”) offering.

The adoption of software intelligence technology has enabled the firm to cut software evaluation times from eight weeks to just two, adding significant value to their innovative business model, which bundles software development and technical support services for a fixed monthly fee. This model offers agile development processes, financial predictability, reduced costs, and operational stability for the mid-market segment.

“CAST Highlight has been pivotal in transforming how we manage software evaluations, in particular by dramatically reducing the time required for initial assessments from eight weeks to two weeks, allowing us to pass on these efficiencies to our clients,” said Red Hawk CEO Matt Strippelhoff. “This improvement in process efficiency not only boosts client satisfaction but has helped accelerate Red Hawk’s rapid growth, distinguishing the company in the competitive mid-market sector and transforming how our clients do business.”

Executive view across 286 applications using CAST Highlight for rapid portfolio analysis

Embedding CAST software intelligence into its SDaaMS offerings has enabled Red Hawk to accelerate and rapidly scale their model for digital transformation and modernization initiatives; among other offerings, the firm now quickly migrates client software applications from on-premise servers to the cloud, addresses tech debt, and mitigates legal and security risks around open-source software—all at a fraction of the operating cost of an in-house software development team.

CAST Highlight is a software intelligence product that serves as an application control tower, rapidly assessing application portfolios for cloud maturity, technical debt, resiliency, agility, open source risks, and environmental impact. It automatically understands source code of hundreds of applications in hours, empowering organizations to accelerate optimization for cloud, reduce obsolescence, streamline maintenance, reduce IP risks and security exposures, and make their software greener and more resource efficient.

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