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Red Sift announced Spring 2024 Release

Red Sift today announced its Spring 2024 product release, which includes a number of significant innovations that help organizations better predict, detect, and remediate common misconfigurations and exposures while meeting the latest industry requirements.

In this nascent stage of the year, the cybersecurity landscape is already abuzz with activity. New standards, such as Google and Yahoo’s requirements for bulk senders, mark the advent of a new compliance era for businesses reliant on email communications. Meanwhile, persistent and sophisticated cyber threats, exemplified by attacks like the SubdoMailing campaign, underscore the ongoing challenges posed by bad actors finding ways around standards-based security measures.

“Industry shifts and evolving threats compound the mounting cybersecurity burden organizations face,” said Rahul Powar, CEO of Red Sift. “In light of this, Red Sift’s latest release introduces features that prioritize alignment with evolving industry standards, such as Google and Yahoo’s bulk sender requirements, and adds unique capabilities that offer instant insight into and protection against threats such as the recently reported SubdoMailing attack.”

Key enhancements in the Spring 2024 release include:

Free tools that address new industry requirements and attack vectors

  • Google and Yahoo Compliance Checker – To help organizations ensure compliance and alignment with evolving industry standards, Red Sift released an update to Red Sift lnvestigate. The free Investigate tool can validate whether an organization meets Google and Yahoo’s new requirements for bulk senders–and does so in under 30 seconds.
  • SubdoMailing Tool – Within 48 hours of the recent SubdoMailing attack being reported in the news, Red Sift updated both of its free tools, Investigate and SPF Checker. The latest enhancements empower users to swiftly identify any domains utilized for SubdoMailing within their SPF configuration and dynamically visualize any “poisoned” SPF to accelerate removal.

Red Sift OnDMARC

  • Automated SubdoMailing Alerting – Red Sift OnDMARC added first-class support for SubdoMailing detection to its hosted SPF solution. The solution now automatically surfaces if any domains used for SubdoMailing are present, prompting customers to quickly take remedial action.
  • Overview Dashboard – A new Overview Dashboard in Red Sift OnDMARC gives users a comprehensive view of their DMARC status across all active domains. Enhanced visibility and transparency allow users to prioritize misconfigurations and exposures and make informed threat management decisions.

Red Sift Brand Trust

  • SubdoMailing Detection – Red Sift Brand Trust now checks lookalike domains against a new threat intelligence feed and flags whether the lookalike is involved in a SubdoMailing attack. If a SubdoMailer is detected, the risk score is classified as high risk, signaling immediate prioritized remediation is needed.
  • New Risk Rating System – The company unveiled an improved scoring system and new risk signals for enhanced lookalike risk rating functionality have been releasedUsers can prioritize threats based on the level of danger posed by lookalike domains, empowering them to take faster action and reduce overall noise in the system.

Red Sift ASM

  • Web Technologies – To ensure compliance with frameworks and regulations such as NIST, NIS2, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS, maintaining an inventory of software used to deliver services is imperative. Red Sift ASM addresses this need by building an inventory of a customer’s domains, hosts, certificates, IP addresses, and cloud resources, that it automatically and continuously updates. With Red Sift ASM’s new Web Technologies feature, users gain deeper insight into the technologies running in their environments, thus providing them with a more comprehensive understanding of the technologies delivering services across their digital infrastructure.
  • The new Web Technologies feature also supports a Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) program, as determining the technologies used across an organization’s attack surface is critical in identifying exposure as part of the scoping stage.

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