REDi Health, UBH, and WellStack revolutionize Rural Healthcare

REDi Health Analytics, LLC (“REDi Health”), Uintah Basin Healthcare (“UBH”), and WellStack have joined forces to transform rural healthcare by addressing key challenges. Limited resources, rising costs, and recruitment difficulties have hindered rural healthcare facilities. UBH, a leading rural healthcare provider, is collaborating with REDi Health, a data-driven outcomes improvement company, and WellStack, an innovative healthcare technology platform, to develop a comprehensive solution.

Jim Marshall, CEO of UBH, stated, “Excellence in rural healthcare has been a cornerstone of UBH’s commitment. Our collaboration with REDi Health and WellStack elevates our mission, equipping us with essential resources to reinforce quality care.”

This partnership leverages cutting-edge technology, data-driven insights, and streamlined operational strategies to enhance rural hospitals’ ability to deliver high-quality care, improve patient outcomes, and ensure long-term financial stability.

John Wadsworth, Co-founder of REDi Health, said, “We envision a landscape where quality care thrives within rural communities. This collaboration underscores our determination to shape a future where sustainable and impactful healthcare becomes the bedrock of rural well-being.”

The collaborative effort intends to revolutionize rural healthcare by:

  • Turning Data into an Asset: Transforming raw data into actionable insights, and empowering medical professionals with evidence-based decision-making tools.
  • Elevating Organizational Data: Integrating data into the Wellstack platform to unlock new perspectives on patient outcomes, resource allocation, and operational efficiency.
  • Enabling Local Stewards for Unprecedented Growth: Empowering hospital stewards with tools and insights fostering innovation and resourcefulness within the community.

Jim Marshall added, “Together with REDi Health and Wellstack, we are embarking on a path that leverages data, collaboration, and leadership to bring about a revolution in rural healthcare.”

  • Enriching Patient Care: Leveraging advanced healthcare technologies and data analytics to enhance the quality and efficiency of patient care, leading to better health outcomes for the rural population.

Rich Waller, President and COO for WellStack, emphasized their collective mission, “WellStack is dedicated to reshaping healthcare access through technology. By teaming up with UBH and REDi Health, we’re driving a sustainable revolution, fortifying rural hospitals to thrive and proactively serve their communities.”

In collaboration, REDi Health, UBH, and WellStack are advancing rural healthcare, setting new standards for innovation and patient-centered growth as the healthcare landscape evolves. Together, they strive for equitable healthcare, ensuring a brighter, healthier future for rural communities.

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