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RedSense announces revolutionary Public Sector Safety Shield Solution

RedSense, a leader in Cyber Threat Intelligence, has launched its Public Sector Safety Shield Solution that enables state and regional cyber command centers to secure smaller public entities like municipalities, schools, and healthcare providers. This innovative cybersecurity solution allows these command centers to oversee protection without requiring specialist teams, new hardware, or software.

Kevin Stear, RedSense Chief Technology Officer, emphasized the solution’s design, “We created a platform that integrates advanced threat intelligence and network flow monitoring without the need for additional infrastructure, force multiplying a state’s cyber defense resources and enabling them to focus on directly addressing threats with smaller institutions.”

Public Sector Safety Shield utilizes the comprehensive network flow data provided by Team Cymru, a leader in cyber threat intelligence and risk management solutions. Their Pure Signal Recon offers on-demand global internet traffic telemetry. By integrating this data with RedSense’s threat intelligence data lake and sophisticated analytics, Public Sector Safety Shield promptly identifies pertinent and active threats.

Key Highlights of RedSense Public Sector Safety Shield:

  • Empowerment of cyber command centers with detailed intelligence including threats and threat actors, adversary infrastructure, compromised systems, and stolen credentials.
  • Advanced network flow inspection that aligns with real-time threat intelligence to identify relevant and active threats.
  • Security monitoring and alerting provided as a service, eliminating the need for additional staffing, local software, and hardware.
  • Optional features such as Attack Surface Management, Incident Response, and Cyber Insurance.

Yelisey Bohuslavskiy, RedSense’s Chief Research Officer, highlighted the solutions strategic importance to both small institutions and to states overall, noting, “Cybercriminals are acutely aware of vulnerabilities common in municipal governments, schools and similar organizations. Often their intent is to use them as initial footholds to access larger statewide agencies and data. Protect one, and you shield the others.”

RedSense is committed to protecting state and local services, safeguarding sensitive information, and maintaining public trust. For more details on Public Sector Safety Shield, contact

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