Regard and Kettering Health Hamilton to streamline EHR Navigation

Regard’s clinical automation technology will support physician decision-making and improve patient safety

Regard, the leading AI clinical platform, announced a partnership today with Kettering Health Hamilton to implement their groundbreaking EHR-based technology that analyzes the entirety of the medical record and streamlines navigation for busy clinicians. The new partnership will allow for prevention of medical errors, time back for physicians, improved documentation quality, and better financial outcomes within the healthcare system.

There is a pervasive burden that falls on physicians to make critical decisions with little time to review the mountains of information and data within a patient’s medical record. According to a study by the AMA, physicians recorded that for every eight hours they had scheduled with patients they spent more than five hours in the EHR doing chart review and documentation. Regard provides a complete picture of a patient’s health within a single page, tipping physicians off to potential diagnoses based on their medical history, relieving pressure on physicians, and allowing patients to rest assured they’re receiving the highest quality care.

“Kettering Health is founded on a history of innovation and a mission of compassionate care. That’s why we are excited to be partnering with the Regard team, innovators on the frontline of healthcare delivery,” said Marcus Romanello, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Kettering Health Hamilton. “Their AI-driven solution augments the capabilities of the bedside clinician in a truly remarkable way. We look forward to the impact of this launch at Kettering Health Hamilton.”

Regard’s technology helps solve one of the biggest problems within health systems: the constant balancing act for physicians to find the time to treat their patients and simultaneously complete necessary administrative tasks. The company’s AI automatically and securely reviews each patient’s EHR, curating and uniquely recommending diagnoses to improve patient safety. They recently announced a major milestone of more than two million patient diagnoses since their launch, highlighting the technology’s ability to not only streamline EHR navigation but also go beyond the clerical to identify potential diagnoses physicians might otherwise miss.

Some examples of the way Regard benefits both clinicians and patients include:

  • Improved Diagnosing – Regard drives patient safety by reviewing all data to ensure vital diagnoses don’t get overlooked or spotted too late like sepsis, atrial fibrillation, acute kidney injury, or chronic conditions.
  • Improved Care Transitions — Regard’s technology ensures continuity during handoffs, providing clinicians with all of the relevant details needed to get up-to-speed quickly.
  • Medication Safety – Regard ensures medications are accurate, preventing mistakes like accidentally discontinued meds or double-dosing.

“We are thrilled to partner with Kettering Health Hamilton to help them meaningfully leverage our technology while working to empower the physicians within the hospital and improve patient care,” said Nate Wilson, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Regard. “Over the next several years, we can’t wait to see the significant impact this partnership will bring to the physicians and patients of Kettering Health Hamilton.”

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